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Infectious Diseases

​The Division of Infectious Diseases at NUH, established in 2003 by Professor Paul Tambyah, has a rich history marked by significant growth and contributions to the field. Professor Tambyah, after completing his training in Wisconsin, returned to Singapore to become NUH's first Infectious Diseases (ID) consultant. The Division witnessed a notable expansion with the recruitment of Professor Dale Fisher during the SARS outbreak in March 2003 and later the addition of Dr. Louis Chai. Over the past 15 years, the Division has evolved from its original three founders to include 13 consultants, a resident physician and two senior residents. The team is supported by a multidisciplinary group comprising microbiologists, nurses, pharmacists, research assistants, epidemiologists, medical social workers, administrators and other partners. The Division's achievements are reflected in its trainee alumni, clinical contributions, research output and its extensive collaborations and influence both locally and globally. 


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