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Honorary Clinical Fellowship and Clinical Observership

​The main objectives of these attachment programmes are for candidates to gain exposure in the Singapore healthcare industry, develop and strengthen the regional referral network, and learn specific clinical skills. 

The table below summarises the differences between Clinical Fellowship and Clinical Observership: 

Requirements/Scope of training 

Honorary Clinical Fellowship 
Clinical Observership 

Scope of Training 

Allowed to be involved in patient care, write case notes, communicate care plans & perform procedures under direct supervision 

Only allowed to assist in procedures under direct supervision 

Period of training allowed 

Maximum 12 months 

Maximum 6 months 

Fulfil English proficiency test (if medium of instruction for basic degree is not in English) 


Not required 


Must be sponsored by either the government, regional health authority or an appropriate institution in your home country (your current employer) 

Not required 

Prior Experience 

Require 3 years post-housemanship experience / post-internship experience as a medical officer or have a postgraduate diploma or degree 

Require at least 12 months housemanship / internship with a certificate of satisfactory completion of housemanship or equivalent 


The National University Hospital Global Fellows Alliance provides clinical fellows and clinicians who had trained in the hospital with networking opportunities, knowledge sharing and extensive resources to professional development and mentoring programmes. 

You can find more information here


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