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Discharge Time & Procedures

Your doctor will advise when you can be discharged.

To ensure your well-being, we advise that a family member or a friend be with you on the day of your discharge.

Discharge Procedure

Our staff will assist you with the discharge procedures:

  • Arrange for follow-up appointment at the Specialist Outpatient Clinic, if necessary.
  • Dispense the medicine that your doctor has prescribed. 
  • Teaching of basic self-care procedures and health education

Reminder :

  • Follow the medication instructions and keep the follow-up appointment with the doctor.
  • Check bedside cabinet and wardrobe to ensure no personal items are left behind.
  • Withdraw any personal items that you may have placed in the safe.
  • Return all hospital gowns, children's pyjamas, baby vests and blankets.

Discharge Time

  • Discharge from the hospital is between 10am and 11.30am.
  • Do check with the ward nurse for the exact discharge time. An additional day's rate is applicable after 12 pm.


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