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Visiting the Emergency Medicine Department

All visitors, accompanying persons and caregivers are required to put on a mask in the Emergency Medicine Department. For more information, please click here. 

Life-Threatening Conditions 

At the Emergency Medicine Department (EMD), priority will be given to patients with life-threatening conditions, such as persistent chest pain, or more serious and/or multiple injuries. For non-urgent conditions, please take note that waiting time can be at least 5 hours. 

Non-emergency Conditions and Symptoms

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For non-emergency conditions, please visit the nearest GP, polyclinic or the 24-hour Urgent Care Centre (UCC) at Alexandra Hospital. If required, you will be provided with a referral letter to us. 

GPFirst / PaedsEngage Programme

Please click here for a list of NUHS GPFirst clinics.

Upon assessment by a participating GP, should you or your family member require A&E attention, you will be provided with a referral under the GPFirst programme or PaedsEngage programme When you visit the EMD or UCC with a valid GPFirst / PaedsEngage referral, you will receive a $50 subsidy on the prevailing fees at the respective A&Es or UCC (subject to terms and conditions).


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