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Corporate Engagement

At the NUH, we believe in the importance of preventive medicine to help individuals stay in the pink of health. Some medical conditions are not obvious to the untrained eye so early detection can make all the difference. With regular health screening and proper medical advice, diseases can be averted and medical conditions be better managed.

We design innovative programmes to meet the health and wellness needs of our corporate partners and their employees.

Our Services

  • Corporate Health Screening
    Early detection of diseases through regular health screening can make a major impact on the effectiveness and costs of treatment later on. Early detections and proper management of the conditions allow one to continue contributing to the organisation.

  • Corporate Health Talks & Workshops
    Through health talks and workshops, we hope to equip your employees and members with necessary knowledge on common health problems, and how to take care of their health.

  • Customised Corporate Health Programmes and Services
    Apart from our comprehensive range of Corporate Wellness Programme, customised programmes can be tailored to suit your business and employees' needs.

  • Direct Billing Arrangements
    For the benefit and convenience of our patients, we have developed an extensive direct billing network with insurance companies, companies, and third party administrators. By joining our direct billing network, you and your employees will enjoy hassle-free experience when seeking medical treatment in NUH, where payments can be arranged to be charged to our corporate partner's organisation directly.
For more information, please contact:

Corporate Engagement programmes
Ms Serena Siow
Tel: (65) 6772 6910
Mobile: (65) 9630 0741

Direct Billing arrangements
Nurhadillah Yusof
Tel: (65) 6772 5806