Geriatric Nursing

With increasing life expectancy, Singapore is recognised as one of the fastest ageing population in the world. Therefore, Geriatric nursing is becoming increasingly important. In NUH, all nurses will complete a set of e-learning pertaining to general Geriatric care. Geriatric Resource Nurses (GRN) in their respective units champion geriatric nursing care standards and serve as a resource person in the area.

Structured programmes are also in place to ensure continual education and learning for our nurses. To support our GRNs, there are regular geriatric nursing journal club sharing and support group meetings.

In the inpatient setting, we developed the "Elderly Care Bundle" which serves as a framework for nurses in guiding care provision for the older adults.

The different types of services include:

Mobile Acute Care for the Elderly (Mobile ACE)

The Geriatric APN performs screening for older patients admitted to the Emergency Medicine Department and facilitates direct admission to Geriatric unit with priority given to those with cognitive impairment and/or frailty

Nurse-led Elderly Behavioural Support (EBS) Service

General ward nurses can refer geriatric patients with behavioral problems (cognitive impairment) to EBS where a Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment (CGA) would be performed followed by appropriate proposed interventions, which may include education or support to care team and/or family caregivers.

Ortho-Geriatric service

This is a collaborative service led by Geriatrician and Ortho-Geriatric nurses where they review patients with fragility fractures under Orthopedic specialty. The Ortho-Geriatric nurses perform assessment for the patients, initiate interventions to prevent post-operative delirium, provide education on osteoporosis and coordinate transition of care.