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Primary Care Engagement

We recognise the pivotal role general practitioners (GPs) and family physicians play in providing and ensuring that the community healthcare is of the highest quality and standard. As such, we believe that through better partnerships, we can deliver more personalised, comprehensive, and efficient medical care for the patients.

The Primary Care Engagement Division (within NRC) aims to facilitate collaboration among GPs, family medicine physicians and our specialists. As a central coordinating point, we support patient referrals and organise continuing medical education (CME) events. Through building these important platforms of shared care and communication, we work together to make patients and their families the greatest beneficiaries.

For partnership opportunities, please contact:

Local GP Referrals

To refer your patient to our NUH Specialists, you may contact our General Practitioner Liaison Centre (GPLC) to make an appointment. You will be able to get the outpatient appointments for your patients to see our specialists at the shortest possible time. GPLC handles all enquiries from local General Practitioners (GPs) to ensure we deliver more comprehensive and personalised medical care for all patients whom we co-manage.

Contact us

Tel: +65 6772 2000 (Available Monday to Friday: 8.30am to 6.00 pm ; Saturday: 8.30am to 12.30pm)


For more information on referrals, click here.


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