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The National University Hospital Global Fellows Alliance provides clinical fellows and clinicians who had trained in the hospital with networking opportunities, knowledge sharing and extensive resources to professional development and mentoring programmes.

  1. Networking Opportunities
    We provide members access to a global network of clinicians who are passionate about making meaningful improvements in the world. Members will be able to connect, build relationships and exchange knowledge with likeminded peers.
  2. Professional Development
    We offer a variety of tailored workshops, trainings, and coaching sessions designed to help our members grow professionally in their areas of expertise, enabling them to succeed in their training and careers.

  3. Extensive Resources
    Our team is constantly building on our wealth of information and data to keep our members up-to-date on the latest developments in the practice of medicine. Members can look forward to newsletters and regular updates from the hospital.
  4. A Community of Leaders
    Our members are passionate about making a positive impact in the world and improving the standards of care. By joining our community, members have the opportunity to collaborate on research projects.

Join the National University Hospital Global Fellows Alliance by clicking here or scan the QR code.

Our team is committed to support our members in the journey towards becoming part of our community of change-makers.

For assistance, please email us at


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