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Health Screening

Early detection of diseases through regular health screening can make a major impact on the effectiveness and cost of treatment later on. With regular health screening and proper medical advice, diseases can be averted and medical conditions better managed.

The type of health screening to undergo varies by age, gender, pre-existing conditions, and the date of last health screening. 

Check out the list of general assessment tests for adults that is recommended by the Health Promotion Board below:

Individuals aged 18 years and above


  • Body Mass Index (BMI); once a year
  • Waist circumference; once a year
Hypertension (High blood pressure): 
  • Blood pressure measurement; once every two years or more frequently as advised by your doctor

Individuals aged 40 years and above

Diabetes mellitus:

  • Fasting blood glucose; once every three years or more frequently as advised by your doctor

Hyperlipidaemia (High blood cholesterol):
  • Fasting lipids; once every three years or more frequently as advised by your doctor

Individuals aged 50 years and above

Colorectal cancer:

  • Faecal immunochemical test (to test for blood in stools); once a year OR
  • Colonoscopy; once every 10 years

Additional Tests for Women

Women aged 25-69 yrs, who have had sexual intercourse
Cervical cancer:

  • Pap smear; once every three years
  • Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Test; once every five years

Women aged 50-69 yrs
Breast cancer:
  • Mammogram; once every two years

If you have any other health concerns or existing medical conditions, please speak with your doctor about additional tests based on your individual risk factors (e.g. self or family history of hereditary or chronic diseases, exposure to factors that can lead to disease).

Wellness Centre 

At our Wellness Centre, a one-stop health screening centre, we offer health screening that enable early detection of common chronic illnesses such as heart disease, stroke, hypertension and diabetes. Our dedicated team of medical professionals will help you better understand your health condition and risks, if any. We will also work closely with you to modify your lifestyle when necessary. Through result analysis and health education, we aim to provide you with relevant knowledge to add many healthy years to your life!

Please contact our Wellness Centre for enquiries of booking of appointment. For contact details, operating hours and directions of the Wellness Centre, please click here.


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