​Psychiatric Nursing

Psychiatric nurses provide holistic care to individuals with mental health issues or behavioural problems in order to promote their physical and psychosocial well-being. Psychiatric nursing emphasises the use of interpersonal relationships as a therapeutic agent and considers the environmental factors that influence one's mental health. 

Our nurses provide physical care, socialise and communicate with their patients to create a safe and comfortable environment that promotes positive changes. Their specific responsibilities often include assisting patients with activities of daily living, crisis management, administering medication and managiement of side effects. Through evaluating patients' progress, nurses offer guidance and other forms of interpersonal support to patients. They participate in therapeutic activities with patients, educate patients and their families about mental health issues and lifestyle choices.

Working in a variety of healthcare settings alongside with other healthcare professionals such as medical social workers, psychologists, and psychiatrists, they develop and implement plans of care. Nurses with a postgraduate degree are able to perform additional diagnostic assessment and therapeutic functions, including conducting individual psychotherapy and prescribing management plans.