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Emergency Medicine

We at the NUH Emergency Medicine Department (EMD) are proud to be a world-class centre providing the highest standards of care for our patients, rigorous training for our students and trainees, and game-changing research discoveries for the larger international community.

For our patients

Our EMD is a 24-hour, high-volume centre that treats more than 100 000 patients per year. We accurately diagnose and thoroughly treat all emergencies while ensuring utmost safety and value in our services.

These emergencies range from common dangers like infections, heart attacks, strokes and motor-vehicle accidents, to less frequent circumstances like rare genetic diseases and toxic poisonings.

With our team of emergency experts, supported by a comprehensive in-house roster of other specialties, our patients can be confident that the best medical care is provided to them.

Read more about the care experience our patients can expect here.

For our students and trainees

As an internationally accredited (ACGME-I) Emergency Medicine specialty training site, we offer excellent postgraduate specialist training. As the anchoring department for the NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, we build a strong foundation in emergency care.

Our influence in medical education is represented by our department's very own textbook, "Guide to the Essentials in Emergency Medicine". A distillation of our emergency specialists' combined expertise, it has become an acclaimed text in the region among undergraduate students and postgraduate clinicians.

Learners across all stages–specialists, fellows, non-specialists, and students–will find training opportunities with us.

Read more about fellowship, postgraduate and undergraduate opportunities here.

For our collaborators and colleagues

We continually strive to improve patient care through practising and producing meaningful research. Our specialists' work has been published in well-recognised peer-reviewed journals and continues in ongoing projects, grants, and industry partnerships.

Our noteworthy areas of research are in the fields of sepsis, emergency critical care, end-of-life and palliative care, respiratory diseases, heart failure, epidemiology in emergency medicine,  medical education and medical technology. We invite subject experts and future partners to join our network and collaborate with us.

Read more about our published research and ongoing projects here

Our Accolades

The most fitting celebration of our achievements come in the form of good health that our patients enjoy. Second to this, we are proud of the many accolades that our team and the individual members win. Read more about our achievements here


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