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An organisation is only as good as the quality of the staff, and we firmly believe that our people are our greatest asset. That is why we invest in every individual to groom and develop them professionally.

Here in NUH, we are guided by 5 People Principles:

  1. Everyone has a sense of purpose
    Each staff must see himself or herself as part of a team, to make a difference in the lives and well-being of our patients. Everything that we do here, we are Shaping Medicine for the Future.

  2. People like challenges
    With our tripartite mission of advancing health by integrating excellent clinical care, translational clinical research and education, NUH staff are constantly urged to push boundaries in their everyday work to achieve better patient care and medical advancements – offering hope and a new lease of life to our patients.

  3. Staff are developed to their fullest potential 
    There are many opportunities at NUH for staff to undertake learning and development programmes to hone their professional skills.

  4. Good staff need to be recognised and rewarded for their commitment, value and contribution
    Here in NUH, we proudly showcase our staff through various awards.

  5. Enhance total well-being for staff
    Check out our comprehensive events and initiatives spearing toward a fun, healthy and happy workplace.


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