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Featured Awards and Staff

In a heartfelt tribute to our true Ancillary heroes, NUH honours dedicated and deserving individuals with special awards such as Stars@NUH PSA Awards, Security Champion and WOW! Awards, and Singapore Health Quality Service Awards. These awards recognise the extraordinary commitment and excellence of our Ancillary staff in healthcare and inspire future generations of healthcare heroes.

 Singapore Health Quality Service Award 2023 (Silver)

Catherine Lim

Senior Patient Service Associate, Women's Clinic

When a patient arrived at the clinic in a wheelchair without her usual caregiver, I immediately recognised she would need additional assistance. Understanding her day at NUH involved multiple appointments, I took the initiative to collect her medication from the pharmacy to save her time. Her appreciation, evident in her smile when I complimented her new hairstyle, was heartwarming to say the least! I strive to be attentive to each patient's unique circumstances and act promptly to the best of my abilities.

Liu Hua Ying

Housekeeper, Group Hospitality

I remember assisting a patient who had accidentally soiled the common toilet. Noticing others waiting, I promptly cleaned the area. The patient was very apologetic and was embarrassed due to the incident but was met with my constant reassurance. His appreciation for what many might consider insignificant deeply touched me. Learning that a compliment had been sent about this incident was surprising and gratifying, as I view such actions as part of my duty.

For further enquiries about SHQSA, kindly contact the NUH Service Culture team.

Patient Service Associate (PSA) Awards

  Outstanding Service Team Leader Award 

Sappiah Kasuthribai

Senior Service Team Leader, Emergency Medicine

Sappiah Kasuthribai has been instrumental in implementing team changes and restructuring within the ED PSA team. Her clear communication and anticipation of team sentiment have been key to successful changes. She has shown remarkable leadership throughout the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, from assembling a team for the hot zone operation to adapting to new workflows and policies. Her empathetic approach in staff management, respect for the autonomy and decisions of Service Team Leaders (STLs) and her ability to nurture a strong leadership team are deeply commendable.

  PSA Best Mentor Award

Siti Manisah Binte Ridzwan

Senior Dental Surgery Assistant, NUCOHS

Manisah demonstrates a remarkable willingness to share her knowledge in dental assisting. Her availability, patience and respectful approach to mentoring has fostered a supportive and effective learning environment. She empowers her mentees to develop their strengths, providing guidance while respecting their autonomy. Her leadership style, characterised by a readiness to assist and learn, has positively influenced her team, fostering a culture of mutual respect and collaboration.


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