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​In today’s fast-changing healthcare landscape, NUH continues to challenge boundaries and chart new territories, bringing hope to patients who come through our door. These stories highlight our commitment to transform patient care with innovative technologies.

A robotic step forward in kidney preservation

​NUH surgeons have successfully completed a novel procedure designed to preserve a patient’s kidney function, with the help of a surgical robot! Led by A/Prof Tiong Ho Yee, the surgery involved the use of tissue from the patient’s mouth to mend a damaged ureter, the duct responsible for transporting urine from the kidney to the bladder.

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A smarter healthcare landscape with supercomputer-powered AI
We are revolutionising Singapore’s healthcare landscape with Prescience, Singapore’s third national supercomputer!
Medical big data can now be harnessed for training large language models (LLMs) tailored to enhance patient care and operational efficiency. SMILE AI, made possible by Prescience, is a machine-learning (ML) model that can create 3D dental scans in just a few minutes.

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NUH launches new digestive centre
NUH is excited to be the only one in Singapore to use three AI-enabled systems for early identification of gastrointestinal lesions, enabling faster diagnosis and treatments. We are also pioneering the use of a high-performance X-ray based visualisation system, a first in Southeast Asia, to improve the visibility of diseased tissues and ability to identify potential issues ascompared to traditional 2D imaging. In addition, the use of robotic-assisted endoscopic surgerywill help reduce complication rates in patients and their stay in the hospital.

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Outsmarting operational challenges with artificial intelligence

​From Pathfinder, which provides real-time insights into waiting times and bed occupancy rates, to CalSense, which is used to consolidate, process, and visualise the results of patients’ blood tests, these are some of the AI-driven tools that NUH has implemented to streamline operations and elevate the standard of healthcare, serving patients with improved efficiency and effectiveness. We are also excited for MiSSi’s launch, our first multifunction assistive robot nurse companion designed to lighten nurses’ load, in the near future!

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The dawn of robotic tele-surgery

NUH clinician-scientists were involved in a groundbreaking telesurgery trial!
Prof Jimmy So and Assistant Prof Kim Guowei remotely performed a gastrectomy on a simulated organ in Japan. This innovative approach aims to improve surgical outcomes, enhance training opportunities, and widen access to specialised care, marking a significant advancement in global healthcare collaboration.

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Virtual eyes and neural networks

Our doctors have tapped on RapidAI, a neuroimaging software, to identify stroke patients who could potentially benefit from endovascular treatment in less than a minute, compared to the traditional 20 minutes.

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