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Hear From Our People



Chua Mei Ting
Senior Consultant, Emergency Medicine Department

"The field of Emergency Medicine in Singapore is evolving rapidly to meet the needs of our ageing population. As emergency doctors, it's very exciting to be at the forefront of healthcare, addressing acute conditions. We have shifted towards holistic and multi-disciplinary patient care to respond to the growing healthcare demands of an ageing society.

Healthcare in Singapore is transitioning from a "reactive" to a "proactive" approachprioritising disease prevention and public health promotion. We aim for enhanced healthcare quality and I am pursuing a Master in Public Health to contribute more effectively to these goals. The support and encouragement for innovation, passion and hard work in my department  is fantastic. I am grateful for the opportunities to expand my knowledge and learn from the various teams I work within the NUHS family."


Bavani D/O Balakrishnan

Nursing Educator, Surgery

"When you say that you're a nurse, most people usually think of the clinical aspects, like assisting doctors and attending to patients. Within our organisation, nursing actually encompasses a broader scope, including research and education. This diversity offers varied career pathways. My journey began in a surgical ward, where I discovered my passion for teaching while mentoring students. Encouraged to pursue a clinical educator course, my career has since evolved into a more fulfilling direction. Apart from directly impacting patient lives, I am now able to contribute to healthcare by educating future nurses."

 Allied Health

Qamaruzaman Bin Syed Gani
Senior Physiotherapist, Rehabilitation Centre

"Switching careers mid-way can be daunting, but the right organisation and supportive colleagues can make a huge difference. I am fortunate to have both. Our department thrives on teamwork—there is always someone to assist or share ideas with. I work closely with a passionate team, from senior consultants to new trainees, all committed to helping patients recover. Our unspoken mantra is 'No one gets left behind', which fosters a sense of camaraderie within our team."

Yvonne Loh

Senior Principal Radiation Therapist, NCIS

oining the organisation, I never anticipated engaging in such exciting, trail-blazing work. Collaborating with some of the best doctors in the hospital and across Singapore has been a highlight of my career. A notable achievement was partnering with a senior doctor on an award-winning project that was published in an international journal, which established a new industry standard in clinical practice.

My supervisors are forward-thinking and open to ideas, allowing me autonomy in departmental operations.​ We tackle issues through open discussions and I appreciate the respect and value they place on my judgment and contributions. Progressing from a Radiation Therapist to a Principal Radiation Therapist, I am grateful for the trust the organisation has placed in me."



Gan Jia Yi
Senior Engineer, Group Facilities Management

"The organisation values hard work, experience and competence over academic qualifications. Despite being the only engineer in my department without a degree, I received a promotion in recognition of my contributions.

I owe much to my manager for entrusting me with challenging projects that have broadened my horizons and helped realise my potential. From managing a flooding crisis to overseeing the construction of a linkway, each project has enriched my professional experience with diverse learning opportunities."


Noorhuda Binte Yunos
Senior Associate Executive, Ambulatory Services

"The organisation is a big believer in active living, evidenced by the investments in an on-site gymnasium and sports hall. With a variety of aerobic classes, sports activities and friendly competitions, there's something for everyone! These sessions, mostly free and available throughout the day, not only promote fitness but also provide a valuable opportunity for bonding with colleagues from different departments. Burning calories while networking—it does not get better than this!"


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