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Order & Relax and Home Delivery FAQs

1.       Can I order my medication via phone call through any of the NUH Pharmacies?

           Yes, you may order medication via phone call through our Outpatient Pharmacies.

2.       Can I change the medication quantity at the point of collection?

           To avoid delays, please select the right quantity of medication when placing the order. We will require               additional time to process the changes if required.

3.       Can I order medication using a new prescription from polyclinics or other hospitals via your                       website?

           No, medication ordering via website is strictly for patients with valid prescriptions issued by NUH.

4.       Can I place orders whenever I run out of my medication?

           We would need a valid prescription to process your orders. You may check your available prescriptions             via the OneNUHS app. Please contact the respective clinics if you do not have a valid prescription.

5.       If I order my medication in the morning via phone call, can I collect them in the afternoon?

          The earliest time for collection will be the next working day.

6.       If I order my medication via the oneNUHS app, what is the earliest collection date?

          The earliest collection date will be after 3 working days. Please note that collection on Saturday is only                available at Medical Centre level 3 Pharmacy and KTP-NUCMI Pharmacy during operating hours (9am                to 1pm).

7.       How will I know if my medication is ready?

          We will notify you by sending a text message to your registered mobile phone with the collection details.

8.       I want to use Medisave to pay for my medication.  What should I do?

           As the application to use Medisave for your medication is only valid on the day of collection, you may                 inform us of your request in advance via phone. Alternatively, you may inform our counter staff on the               day of the collection.  Do note that an additional 15 minutes would be needed for us to process your                 application. Kindly note that if there is no proper Medisave authorisation, your application may be                       rejected. Click  here for our contact details.

9.       I have an enquiry regarding home delivery service, who do I contact?

           For enquiries on home delivery, please contact the respective pharmacies. Our contact details can be                 found here.

10.   When is the earliest I can receive my medication if I opt for home delivery service?

         For normal home delivery service, you will receive your medication after 5 working days.
         For urgent delivery (within 5 working days), the timing will be subjected to the external courier's                           schedule and there would be an additional cost of $20 (before GST).

11.   What are the delivery charges?

         $8 (before GST) will be charged for all deliveries and/or repeat delivery (if there is no one at the                           designated address to receive your medication at the scheduled date and time) except for:  

·        Medication orders $200 and above OR 

·        First delivery order after every teleconsultation  

         For bulky orders (package with weight exceeding 5kg), the following surcharge is applicable:

·        $6* (before GST) per delivery for 1 - 4 cartons 

·        $12* (before GST) per delivery for 5 - 10 cartons

·        $20* (before GST) per delivery for 11 - 30 cartons 

         (*GST applies for non-subsidised case)

12.   Can I request for my medication to be delivered at a specific timing (e.g. 3pm)?

         You may opt for your medication to be delivered within the scheduled delivery windows:

·        Monday to Friday: 9am to 1pm, 2pm to 6pm, 7pm to 10pm 

·        Saturday: 9am to 1pm


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