N.I.C.E stands for Nurturing Leaders, Innovative & Knowledge, Collaborative Partners and Exemplary Professional and is the backbone of our professional model.

Nurturing Leaders | Innovative & Knowledgeable | Collaborative Partners | Exemplary Professionals

Nurturing Leaders​The Young Sprout represents our belief in nurturing and developing our nurses in both clinical and leadership skills. This is made possible with a supportive environment which values transparency, open- mindedness, appreciation & curiosity e.g. includes: Preceptorship, Charge Nurse, GNRP, Mentoring programmes and Leadership Walkabouts.
Innovative & Knowledgeable​The Light Bulb Above A Book represents our belief in lifelong learning and continuous improvement. Our nurses are innovative and knowledgeable armed with unique and specialised skills in providing safe and quality care for our patients. The professional training and education opportunities available allow nurses to keep abreast with the latest technology, research and evidence-based nursing practices, and with critical thinking skills which they can apply and adapt for the care of our patients.
Collaborative Partners ​The Two Men & Jigsaw Puzzle represent our belief in being collaborative partners with other healthcare professionals as well as with patients and their families. These partnerships are based on trust, mutual respect, effective communication, shared ownership and common goal to enhance patient safety and improve the quality of care for our patients. We also believe in shared decision making where nurses at every level govern their practice and are included in all decisions that affect nursing practice.
Exemplary Professionals ​The Star represents our belief to stand out as exemplary professionals, led by the TRICE values and our commitment to care with compassion, practice with integrity and passion, stay united, and always aim for excellence.