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Response Early intervention and Assessment in Community mental Health (REACH) is a community-based mental healthcare service set up to help students with emotional, behavioural and/or developmental disorders. Set up in 2007 as a programme under the National Mental Health Blueprint, REACH aims to bring mental healthcare services into the community to improve response time and accessibility of mental healthcare to students by working closely with schools, community partners and voluntary welfare organizations (VWOs).

REACH national comprises North, South, East, and West teams to support students in schools under the Ministry of Education (MOE) registration from Primary 1 to Junior College, and, MOE Special Education (SPED) schools. Each REACH team is designated to each zone under the MOE school allocation of North, South, East, and West zones respectively.

In schools, students are supported by school counsellors who may consult and refer them to our REACH team to manage students' mental health needs. Our multi-disciplinary team, comprising child psychiatrists, psychologists (clinical, educational and counselling), occupational therapist, medical social worker, nurses and administrators, provides the following services: 


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