Diabetes Services

We are one of the key team members of a multi-disciplinary diabetes team, caring for and empowering patients with diabetes to take charge of their condition by providing the following comprehensive outpatient and inpatient services:

Diabetes in Pregnancy

This service is led by an Advanced Practice Nurse (APN) who is trained in both midwifery and diabetes. Together with the other certified Diabetes Nurse Educators (DNEs), we provide individual and group diabetes tele-consult and close continuous tele-monitoring follow up.

Type 1 Diabetes Service

The dedicated Type 1 diabetes team comprises an APN, DNEs, endocrinologist, dietitians and a psychologist. The team, provides a wide range of diabetes services.

The team educates patients to self-manage their condition and to titrate their required insulin to the amount of carbohydrate they eat. Technology, such as continuous glucose monitors and insulin pump therapy are used in managing diabetic care.

The Type 1 diabetes team also conducts annual group diabetes workshop to support and educate people with Type 1 diabetes.  

Post-surgery diabetes Service

It is a continuity of care from inpatient to outpatient for patients with Post Coronary Artery Bypass Graft. The aim of this service is to optimise blood sugar control and to improve on the outcome of the surgery including shorter hospital stays, prevention of high blood sugar and surgical wound breakdown.

Ramadan Service

We prepare our Malay diabetic patients for Ramadan by equiping them with essential skills and knowledge to stabilise their diabetes during the period. This service is conducted through group teaching, tele-consult and tele-monitoring.

Inpatient Diabetes Service

The APNs work together with the diabetes team for inpatient referral – we review and manage patients with diabetes in the wards. The focus is to optimise the diabetes treatment, provide diabetes education and continue with tele-monitoring upon discharge.