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Adult Liver Transplantation Programme

NUH liver transplantation programme was established in 1990, catering to both adults and children. The services available include pre-transplant medical assessments, surgical and micro-surgical services, post-transplant intensive care and recovery, outpatient check-ups, and lifetime medical reviews.

National University Centre for Organ Transplantation (NUCOT) is a leading transplant centre that performs on average 70% of the liver transplants in Singapore annually, with outcomes comparable to international benchmarks. Our care team ensures that every transplant patient receives one-stop comprehensive, dedicated and individualised care.

We are well-equipped with interventional radiology and endoscopy services – thereby improving graft and patient survival. This is the key to the success of liver transplantation and in managing possible ensuing complications.

Our transplant coordinators and other allied health professionals (such as medical social workers, transplant pharmacists, and dietitians) work together to provide the required support and education to our patients and their caregivers.

Find out more about liver failure and its treatments, frequently asked questions about liver transplant and donating your liver here.


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