Outpatient Procedure Centre (OPC)

Outpatient Procedure Centre (OPC) comprises the following clinics: Outpatient Parental Antibiotic Therapy (OPAT), Outpatient Parental Infusion Clinic (OPIC) & Allergy Clinic.

OPAT & OPIC provides specialised and therapeutic services for adults, aged 18 and above which caters to both private and subsidised patients. Patient care is performed with background in supervised clinical training and research. The clinic is supported by a team consisting of Clinicians, Assistant Nurse Clinicians, Registered Nurses and Service Associates. OPIC & OPAT are important pillars to support NUHS right-siting initiatives for our patients. This is done through the setup of a safe and efficient outpatient environment for the convenience of patients, cutting down on the number of days spent in inpatient ward and allowing patients to return to their homes the next day.

Outpatient Parental Antibiotic Therapy (OPAT) Clinic

The OPAT service provides intravenous (IV) antibiotics to medically stable patients in an outpatient environment. Patients can attend clinic daily for treatment, or be supported and taught how to self-administer through the home care administration programme. OPAT also supports Dengue Outpatient Management (DOM) and Traveller's Health and Vaccination Services (Travel Clinic).

DOM was developed to assist with the management of dengue outbreaks in Singapore. Emergency Medicine Department (EMD) and, inpatient wards in NUH as well as Alexandra Hospital's Urgent Care Centre refer medically stable cases with confirmed dengue to OPAT for management. Patients are assessed by an Infectious Diseases (ID) doctor and nurses on their first visit. Blood results are reviewed until patients are fit for discharge.

Outpatient Parental Infusion Clinic (OPIC)

The OPIC team provides outpatient parental infusion of medications for treatment to a wide range of conditions including autoimmune diseases, inflammatory bowel diseases, and autoimmune neuropathy conditions associated with ageing such as osteoporosis. Immunoglobulin and Blood Transfusion are offered to patients who have chronic anaemia with no active blood loss, and stable to be treated in outpatient medical setting.

Travel Clinic

Travel Clinic reviews Individuals who require pre-travel health advice including vaccinations and malaria chemoprophylaxis. Patients will be seen by an ID Specialist prior to vaccinations.

Allergy Clinic 

Allergy Clinic offers a wide array of services, from general allergy consultations to allergy testing procedures. The Allergy Clinic also offers immunotherapy.

Our procedures include:

  • Skin prick test using allergens, drugs, suspected food and products.
  • Intradermal test and IV provocation test using drugs, 
  • Oral provocation test using drugs and suspected foods, and
  • Patch test using allergens, drugs, suspected food and products.