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Visitor Policy and Registration

In light of the heightened vigilance related to the unfolding COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019) situation, we have made changes to our visitor policy.  

When planning for your visit to NUH, please also take note of our health advisory that applies to visitors/caregivers of our emergency department, inpatient wards and clinics. 

Visitor Registration & Temperature Screening

Inpatient Visitor Policy

Use of Personal Mobility Aid (PMA)

  • Personal Mobility Aids (PMAs), such as motorised wheelchairs, are allowed. Please approach our staff at the Visitor Registration counter who will advise you on the entry into the wards.
  • Please show consideration for others when you ride your PMA around NUH. 
  • Charging of PMAs is strictly not allowed in NUH as a safety precaution. Please use the charging point located next to the Kent Ridge MRT control station. Please approach the SMRT staff if you need assistance.

Please note that PMAs are not Personal Mobility Devices (PMDs). PMDs, including motorised scooters, hoverboards etc., may be carried or towed but cannot be used within the hospital's premises as a safety precaution.

Thank you for making NUH a safe environment for our patients and staff.