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NUWoC Specialised Programmes

​National University Centre for Women and Children (NUWoC)

NUWoC offers a comprehensive range of specialised services for patients from life span to health span.

  • Adolescent Girls' Health
  • Children and Adolescent Fertility Preservation 
  • Community Family and Child Health 
    • Adolescent Wellness Service - Options Made Easy (AWeSOME) 
    • Families Optimised to Raise Generations Empowered (FORGE) 
      • Breastfeeding Triple Support (BTS)
      • Sleep Easy Programme (SleEP) 
    • Family NEXUS @ NUP 
    • Health and Development Support in Preschool Partnerships (HEADS-UPP) 
    • Healthy Eating, Active Living (HEAL) 
    • Knowledge Empowers You (KEY) 
    • KidSTART @ NUH
    • Promoting Parental Emotional Health to Enhance Child Learning (PRoPEL)
    • Women Enhanced Health Plus (WEHS+)
  • Fetal Medicine and Therapy 
  • Genetics and Genomics 
  • High-Risk Pregnancy 
  • Programme for Prevention of Prematurity and Care (P3C)

Stay tuned for more information on each programme! 


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