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COVID-19 Special Care Kit for Special Needs Individuals


Special needs individuals who may be suspected of or diagnosed with COVID-19 require additional support to understand what is happening around them or going to happen to them.

With support from the Ministry of Health (MOH), NUH has partnered KK Women's and Children's Hospital (KKH) and Institute of Mental Health (IMH) to create a visually-enhanced special care kit and video with the goal of empowering caregivers as well as healthcare workers to better communicate with these special needs individuals. Such support will help special needs individuals cope better with the procedures of testing, diagnosis and treatment.

The video shares the experience of visiting the emergency department from the perspective of a child:



The kit consists of social stories and visual schedules that depict the different processes that these special needs individuals may have to undergo. You may download them for use at the links provided below.


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