​Oncology Nursing

One of the most rewarding careers is to be an Oncology Nurse. At the National University Cancer Institute Singapore (NCIS), nurses deliver quality, compassionate and personalised care to our patients and their families across care settings. We are an integral member of the inter-disciplinary teams that are constantly setting new standards for cutting edge and innovative cancer care.

Consisting of degree and doctorate prepared practitioners, our high performance team seeks to constantly innovate and enhance care. This is achieved through evidence-based practice, research and quality improvement initiatives in prevention and screening, symptoms management, clinical trials, palliative care, stem cell transplant and cancer survivorship.

NCIS nurse leaders co-create a nurturing environment for life-long learning and are continuously developing our next generation of nurses through various training programmes.  There are many opportunities to grow in NCIS through patient encounters, peer-reviews, structured programmes and close collaboration with other industrial partners. 

Oncology Nursing has a wide array of expertise and services:

  1. Stem cell transplant and Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) T-cell therapy
  2. Palliative Nursing
  3. Telehealth and Cancer Nurse Line
  4. Advanced Practice Nurse (APN)-led Urgent Cancer Care Clinic
  5. Community Cancer Care & Screening
  6. Geriatric-oncology
  7. Cancer Survivorship