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Division of Advanced Internal Medicine

​The Division of Advanced Internal Medicine comprises general internists who aim to provide comprehensive care for the person as a whole. Our specialists undergo broad training in multiple disciplines, including cardiology, endocrinology, neurology, haematology, gastroenterology, nephrology, respiratory medicine, rheumatology, infectious diseases and others. This enables us to provide holistic and coordinated care for adult patients with multiple medical conditions, reducing the need for them to see multiple subspecialists. 

We are recognised by the Ministry of Health’s Specialists Accreditation Board, and contribute to undergraduate and postgraduate training in Advanced Internal Medicine. 

Message from the Head of Division


Advancing Advanced Internal Medicine
Welcome to the Division of Advanced Internal Medicine. We are specialists who practise General Internal Medicine. This is a field of medicine that cares for adults both in the clinic and the hospital. Our approach is holistic, caring for our patients, whether with one or multiple medical issues, as people who exist within families and communities.

We care for patients at the National University Hospital and have clinics every day of the week to best meet the needs of our patients. Specialty clinical programmes include the Enhanced Comprehensive Care Programme for patients with multiple medical problems and challenging circumstances; the Chronic Care Management Programme, where we help patients with end stage chronic medical issues to live at the quality they desire; Hypertension Programme, for those with difficult or unusual forms of high blood pressure. We take care of patients in hospital both in the Acute Medical Unit and in the Inpatient Wards. 

Our training programme is well-regarded in Singapore, attracting competitive candidates to train in our Division as General Internal Medicine Specialists. We are all clinical educators teaching Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine’s students and trainees from all specialties the art and science of clinical medicine. Our research focuses on clinical education and health services research with publications and presentations in international forums. 

We are excited about the future of General Internal Medicine in Singapore. Explore this web page for more information on our doctors, research, administrative staff and our programmes. 

Dr Dariusz Piotr Olszyna
Head and Senior Consultant, 
Division of Advanced Internal Medicine, 
National University Hospital


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