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Division of Advanced Internal Medicine

The Division of Advanced Internal Medicine (AIM) consists of general internists skilled in providing comprehensive care for individuals with multiple medical conditions or undifferentiated symptoms.  Our specialists are extensively trained across multiple disciplines, including cardiology, endocrinology, neurology, haematology, gastroenterology, nephrology, respiratory medicine, rheumatology, infectious diseases and more. This cross-disciplinary expertise allows us to offer holistic and coordinated care to adult patients, minimising their need to consult multiple subspecialists. All our specialists are accredited by the Ministry of Health's Specialists Accreditation Board.

Beyond clinical services, the Division is actively involved in undergraduate medical education and graduate training for doctors and nurses. In our commitment to enhancing patient care, we lead innovative service developments such as the NUHS@Home service, AIM Supportive Care service, GENIE service and the Inpatient Definitive Care initiative. 

Message from the Head of Division
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Advancing Advanced Internal Medicine

Welcome to the Division of Advanced Internal Medicine. We are specialists who practise General Internal Medicine. As specialists in General Internal Medicine, we provide comprehensive care for adults in various settings—clinics, hospitals, and increasingly, in patients' own homes. Our holistic approach is tailored to meet the needs of our patients, who often present with multiple medical issues. We consider the context of families and communities in our care delivery, ensuring a patient-centric approach.

Our service range from treating acutely ill patients in units such as the Acute Medical Unit or Surgical High Dependency Unit, where we support surgical teams, to inpatient care in hospital wards and compassionate end-of-life care. In our outpatient clinics, consolidate treatment for multiple conditions, offering our patients the convenience of consulting with one medical specialist instead of multiple visits to different clinics. We have developed the NUHS@Home service that allows certain patients traditionally requiring hospital admission to receive quality care at home, with daily assessments by our doctors and nurses.

Our Advanced Internal Medicine Senior Residency programme is highly regarded in Singapore, attracting excellent candidates. Our team comprises dedicated clinical educators teaching medical students from both local and international medical schools. Our research spans clinical education and health services, with our work being presented in international forums. 

We are excited about the future of General Internal Medicine in Singapore. We invite you to explore this webpage for more information about our doctors, research, administrative staff and our programmes. 

Dr Dariusz Piotr Olszyna
Head and Senior Consultant, 
Division of Advanced Internal Medicine, 
National University Hospital


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