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Sponsorship Testimonials

At NUH, we believe in nurturing talent and fostering the growth of aspiring individuals. Our Work-Study Diploma Sponsorship Programme, in collaboration with Republic Polytechnic, has been a gateway for numerous students on their journey to success.

In this segment, we present a collection of inspiring testimonials from the very students who have been beneficiaries of this program. Through a candid and engaging interview, you'll get a glimpse into their experiences, achievements, and the remarkable impact that the programme has had on their lives.

Their journeys reflect the very essence of our commitment to education, professional growth, and the pursuit of excellence. Let's dive into the insightful conversations with our sponsored students and discover what sets our Work-Study Degree programme apart.

 Ezza Elyana Binte Md Pauzi

Could you share with us what made you interested to apply for this Work-Study Diploma Programme at NUH?

What attracted me most to this programme at NUH is its unique ability to blend work and study seamlessly. It's the perfect solution for those of us who yearn to continue learning while pursuing a full-time job. This programme allows us to strike that balance and stay ahead of the curve. 

The practical experience gained while studying equips us with the confidence and skills needed to excel in our chosen field. I highly recommend this programme to individuals who aspire to continuously learn, grow, and excel in their careers. Don't miss out on this exceptional opportunity to take charge of your future!

  Syakirah Aliah Binte Syamri

What are you looking forward to the most in the current programme?

What I am looking forward to my first rotation to the Specialist Outpatient Clinics (SOCs). Currently, we are deployed to the Digital Kiosks located around the hospital to familiarize ourselves with the landscape and processes of the hospital. With my first rotation, I am eager to learn more about the hospital systems as well as bonding activities with my team. 

  Hol Ain Binte Mohd Noor

What do you aim to achieve out of this programme?

One of my primary aspirations is to achieve remarkable career progression through this programme. With the opportunity to start from the ground level and receive comprehensive training, I am confident that NUH will equip me with the necessary skills to excel in the healthcare industry.

Could you  share with us what have you been up to for the past 2 months?

For the past two months, I have been fully immersed in preparing myself to serve patients with utmost dedication. My focus has been on acquiring the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively address patients' questions and concerns. Through comprehensive learning and guidance, I have acquired insights into the unique needs of patients and the vital role that healthcare professionals play in their well-being.

 Shivani Nageswari Naido D/O Siva Kumar 

How do you cope with working and studying at the same time?

One strategy I employ is dedicating time to studying at night after work. While school can be theoretical, I find the practical aspects of work to be truly engaging, allowing me to apply what I've learned in real-life scenarios. By organizing my tasks effectively, creating schedules, and prioritizing my responsibilities, I can strike a balance and make the most of every moment. This programme presents an invaluable opportunity for me to deepen my understanding of the healthcare industry, and I am driven by my desire to continuously learn and grow.

  Nur Sakinah Binte Kamsani

Are there any challenges that you are facing currently? What support have you obtained thus far?

Throughout this programme, I have encountered challenges, including an unpleasant experience with a patient. However, these challenges have only fuelled my determination to grow and excel in this field. Discipline in managing my time effectively is crucial, as various projects and deadlines require meticulous planning. I am grateful for the exceptional support from my Reporting Officer, who is understanding and supports me during difficult moments. Additionally, the unwavering support and encouragement from my family and friends have been instrumental in overcoming obstacles and staying motivated. The supportive network and growth opportunities offered has made it a rewarding journey.

Any advice for future trainees joining this programme?

Firstly, embrace discipline as your guiding principle. Plan meticulously, stay organized, and prioritize effectively to make the most out of this enriching experience. Secondly, don't hesitate to ask for support when needed. Lastly, maintain a positive mindset throughout this programme. Approach challenges with optimism, knowing that they are opportunities for growth. Believe in your abilities and let your enthusiasm shine.

Would you recommend anyone to take part in this Work-Study Diploma in NUH?

Absolutely! We highly recommend this programme at NUH to everyone who has an interest in combining work and study. It is a perfect opportunity for personal and professional growth. It is suitable for fresh graduates who are seeking valuable experience as well as job security. You'll have the chance to gain hands-on experience and broaden your horizons while still pursuing your studies.


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