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Round the clock, the Children’s Emergency service provides immediate care for children affected by trauma, accidents and critical medical or surgical conditions. Our skilled team of nurses, doctors and support staff is equipped to stabilise and resuscitate young patients, from newborns to adolescents, who present with life-threatening emergencies. 

We employ a triage system to identify and assess the severity of each case. This ensures the optimal allocation of our resources, tailoring our response to meet the varying needs of our paediatric patients effectively.   

Priority will be given to patients with life-threatening emergencies who require immediate care. Patients with non-urgent conditions may experience longer waiting times. Please refer to estimated wait times here.

What should I expect when I arrive at the Children's Emergency with my child?

Screening: At the screening counter, you will be asked to provide important information about your child’s health status.  

Registration: Following screening, you will be directed to complete your child’s registration for emergency services.  

Triage: Triage staff will gather basic information and check vital signs to assess the severity and urgency of your child’s condition.  


Consultation: A doctor will examine your child, determine their medical needs and provide the necessary advice and management plan. Depending on your child’s condition, they may require further services or observation prior to discharge.  


At any point, should your child be identified to require emergency or urgent medical attention, they will be brought into the resuscitation zone. 

Why do I have to wait at the Children's Emergency?

Critically ill or seriously injured children are always seen first. 

The medical team may be attending to children with life-threatening emergencies or who require urgent attention for their ailments and injuries. These happen in resuscitation and procedural bays that are away from sight from the waiting area. Some children are brought into the Children’s Emergency via ambulances and conveyed in via the resuscitation zone.  All parents and children who come to our Children’s Emergency hope to be seen quickly. There are times when we are busier, and waiting times can be long. This can be stressful, but our team is committed to addressing your child's condition as swiftly as possible. Rest assured, initial care and advice may be provided during this period as needed. 

What are my alternatives to waiting at the Children’s Emergency?

General Practitioners (GP) can often manage non-emergency conditions such as cough, runny nose, hand foot mouth disease, diarrhea, rash and fever in older children. Under PaedsENGAGE, our affiliated GPs provide skilled care for these common conditions. 

For urgent but not critical cases, you may visit the Urgent Care Clinic (UCC).

This will allow our team at Children’s Emergency to focus on patients with critical and life-threatening conditions. 


Do you know where to go when your child is unwell?
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Medical conditions
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What should I prepare for my child's visit to the Children's Emergency?

Upon arrival at the Children’s Emergency, be prepared with details of your child’s medical history, drug allergies, name and dosage of medications they are currently taking, and information about their illnesses. Gather information from other caregivers if necessary.  


As waiting time is expected if your child is not critically ill, bring essentials such as extra milk for infants and snacks for older children, a book or a device. The facility has blankets and a vending machine for drinks and snacks, but your child should not eat anything if any procedure or surgery is anticipated. 

What are the services available?
  • Stabilisation and management of all acute paediatric emergencies
  • Trauma management by a multidisciplinary team
  • Response to paediatric disaster and disease outbreaks
  • Treatment for poisoning and ingestion incidents
  • Access to various sub-specialties where required, including Paediatric Surgery, Orthopaedics, Dental Services and more
  • Complex case management with relevant paediatric sub-specialties
  • Multidisciplinary management with and transfer to the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit


Who does the medical team consist of?

​The Children's Emergency team comprises nurses and doctors trained in both basic and advanced paediatric life support techniques. 

Our Team
Head of Division & Consultant
Senior Consultant
Associate Consultants
Senior Resident Physician
  • Dr Gayle Appleby
Resident Physicians
  • Dr Monali Runa Mukerji
  • Dr Archana Mopur Mitra
  • Dr Melissa Chua
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Tel: (65) 6772 5000 (24-hour enquiry line)

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