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Dr Goh Kar Cheng

Photo of Dr Goh Kar Cheng
  • Consultant, Department of Psychological Medicine, National University Hospital
MBBS (S’pore), MMed (Fam Med) (S’pore), GDIP (Geri Med) (S’pore), GDIP (Mental Health) (S’pore)
Family Medicine
Special Interests:
​Complex Care, Community Geriatric Care, Community Dementia and Geriatric Psychiatry


​Dr Goh does care consolidation for patients with dementia or geriatric psychiatric illnesses and chronic medical conditions. Her rich experience as a Family Physician working with elderly patients with complex care needs and her training in Geriatric medicine and mental health provide her with a unique triangulation of skill sets to care for patients with multiple illnesses.

Additionally, Dr Goh works with GP partners for shared-care of persons with dementia and geriatric patients with psychiatric illnesses. With the explosion of patients living with multiple co-morbidities coupled with psychosocial issues, Dr Goh is a strong advocate for holistic person-centred care provided by one primary doctor. To this end, she strives to mentor young doctors towards developing expertise in complex care.

Dr Goh is actively involved in training of medical students, doctors, nurses and allied health professionals. She has had many invitations to give lectures to various community partners and for SMA CMEP and geriatric dental webinars. She designed workshops for dementia caregivers and conducts these workshops regularly to empower persons with dementia and their caregivers.

Dr Goh graduated from the National University of Singapore and obtained the Master of Medicine in Family Medicine in 1996. Armed with many years of experience managing elderly patients with complex care needs, Dr Goh went on to do the Graduate Diploma in Geriatric Medicine course and was awarded the Book Prize in 2019. This prize is not awarded on an annual basis but only to the most deserving candidates. She then completed the Graduate Diploma in Mental Health in 2021.


  • Book Prize for Graduate Diploma in Geriatric Medicine 2019
  • NHGP Teaching Award, 2019
  • Quality Improvement Projects Award 2019- Outstanding Project (NIBT)
  • NHGP ICARE Champion Awards 2020- GOLD (for excellent patient care)

Journals & Publications

  1. Goh KC. Comment on: Adopting a palliative approach to dementia care in the community: a participatory action research. Singapore Med J 2021; 62(10): 560 [IF 1.141]


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