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Dr Will Loh Ne-Hooi

Photo of Dr Will Loh Ne-Hooi
Senior Consultant, Department of Anaesthesia, National University Hospital

​​Assistant Professor, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore

Special Interest:
Surgical Intensive Care
National University Hospital
National University Health System

Dr Loh graduated from University College London Medical School and completed his anaesthesia, research and intensive care training in Liverpool. He is dual accredited in Intensive Care Medicine and Anaesthesia. Dr Loh is a Fellow of the Royal College of Anaesthetists, Fellow of the Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine, and holds the European Diploma in Intensive Care. He completed his research fellowship at the University of Liverpool in ICU acquired weakness and nutrition in the critically ill. He is also a member of the Neuro-Intensive Care and the Systemic Inflammation group of the European Society of Intensive Care. He was a consultant in The Walton Centre for Neurology and Neurosurgery in England and chair of the ICU before returning to Singapore. Dr Loh’s areas of clinical and research interests include; cardiopulmonary resuscitation, septic shock, post critical illness rehabilitation and the management of head injuries.

His research interests are in the diagnosis and management of sepsis, echocardiography and other non-invasive methods of cardiovascular monitoring and propofol infusion syndrome. He completed his research fellowship in the University of Liverpool in ICU acquired weakness and nutrition in the critically ill. Dr Loh is also an examiner for the European Diploma in Intensive Care Medicine.

His other interests are in anaesthesia for neurosurgery, functional mapping and awake craniotomies where he underwent training in the UK, France and Italy as part of an AMDA team.

Research and Publications

Research and Publications

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Book Publications
1. Ng ESH and Loh NHW. Immunonutrition. Chapter 49, Neurointensive Care. Oxford University Press 2019.
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Appt Tel:
+65 6777 5702