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Dr Velda Han

  • Consultant, Division of Paediatric Neurology, Department of Paediatrics, Khoo Teck Puat – National University Children's Medical Institute, National University Hospital
MBBS (UK), MMed (Paeds) (S'pore), MRCPCH (UK)
Paediatric Neurology (Epilepsy, Brain & Spine Conditions)


Dr Velda Han is currently a Consultant in the Division of Paediatric Neurology at the Khoo Teck Puat - National University Children's Medical Institute, National University Hospital.

She obtained her basic MBBS medical degree from the National University of Singapore in 2010. She continued her training under the NUHS Paediatric residency and subsequently attained her higher academic qualifications in the Master of Medicine in Paediatrics in 2013.

She has a special interest in Paediatric Neurology and Neuroimmunology. In 2020-2021, she worked in Westmead Children's Hospital (Sydney Children's Hospital Network) as a research neuroimmunology fellow. During her time there, she managed patients with different types of neuroimmunological conditions, including multiple sclerosis, autoimmune encephalitis, "paediatric acute neuropsychiatric syndrome" (PANS), myasthenia gravis, and Gullaine Barre syndrome.

She also had the privilege of working with the immune-neurodevelopment research group at the University of Sydney. The group focuses on investigating the interactions between the immune system and the brain. She was involved in developing clinical datasets and collaborative exploration of biological and omics-data. During this time, she published several papers in such as Nature, Brain Behaviour Immunity and Translational Psychiatry. In 2021, she was awarded the Exon-Mobil research scholarship to continue her research in this area in Singapore.

In her clinic, she sees patients with general neurological conditions, for example, headaches, seizures, movement disorders. In particular, she has a special interest in helping children with neurodevelopmental (autism, ADHD, tics/Tourette syndrome) or neuropsychiatric conditions (obsessive compulsive disorder, anxiety etc).

Lastly, she is committed to teaching, training and the assessment of medical undergraduates.

Journals & Publications

  1. Han VX, Patel S, Jones HF, Dale RC. Maternal immune activation and neuroinflammation in human neurodevelopmental disorders. Nature Reviews Neurology. 2021.
  2. Han VX, Patel S, Jones HF, et al. Maternal acute and chronic inflammation in pregnancy is associated with common neurodevelopmental disorders: a systematic review. Translational psychiatry. 2021;11(1):71.
  3. Han VX, Jones HF, Patel S, et al. Emerging evidence of Toll-like receptors as a putative pathway linking maternal inflammation and neurodevelopmental disorders in human offspring: A systematic review. Brain, behavior, and immunity. 2021;99:91-105.

  4. Han VX, Mohammad SS, Jones HF, Bandodkar S, Crow YJ, Dale RC. Cerebrospinal fluid neopterin as a biomarker of treatment response to Janus kinase inhibition in Aicardi-Goutières syndrome. Developmental medicine and child neurology. 2021.

  5. Han VX, Lee MWX, Lin JB. Multistage neurorehabilitation of an adolescent with severe anti-N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor encephalitis: a case report. International journal of rehabilitation research Internationale Zeitschrift fur Rehabilitationsforschung Revue internationale de recherches de readaptation. 2018.


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