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Paediatric Nephrology, Dialysis and Renal Transplantation

The Division of Paediatric Nephrology, Dialysis and Renal Transplantation at NUH is dedicated to caring for infants, children and adolescents with a range of kidney, urinary tract diseases, hypertension and electrolyte disorders. Our goal is to provide holistic, family-focused medical care, encompassing long-term dialysis and renal transplantation for patients up to 18 years of age.
Our Team

Our team comprises paediatric nephrologists, specialty nurses, dietitians, social workers, psychologists, child life therapists and research staff specialising in paediatric kidney and transplantation. We also work closely with paediatricians specialising in surgery, urology, paediatric surgeons and radiologists with expertise in children's kidney and urinary tract abnormalities. In addition, we have a dedicated 10-bed inpatient ward.

Head of Division & Emeritus Consultant
Senior Consultants
Associate Consultant
Dialysis Nurses
  • Nurse Manager Noor Haziah Binte Hussain
  • Assistant Nurse Clinician Geng Jing
  • Senior Staff Nurse Charmaine Goh
  • Staff Nurse Haffezah Binte Imam Hozali
Patient Support Team
  • Child Life Therapist: Ms Suraya Ya'akub
  • Senior Medical Social Worker: Ms Cheng Peizhi
  • Psychologist: Mr Jeremy JQ Ang
Our Services

We provide care for paediatric patients up to the age of 18 with both congenital and acquired diseases affecting the kidneys or urinary tracts. Common conditions managed include Single Kidneys, Cystic Kidneys, Glomerular Diseases (including Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis and Lupus), Renal Tubular Diseases, Urinary Stones, Urinary Tract Infections, Vesicoureteric Reflux, Bedwetting and Hypertension. Our focus extends to early stages of kidney impairment, with treatments aimed at halting or slowing down the progression of kidney disease.

Dialysis Service For The Critically Ill
Our division provides comprehensive dialysis services, including peritoneal dialysis and all forms of haemodialysis for infants, children and adolescents in the critical care unit. These services cater to patients with acute kidney failure, poisonings or inborn errors of metabolism. Additionally, we offer specialised treatments such as plasmapheresis and liver dialysis (using the Molecular Adsorbent Recirculating System, MARS) as required.
Specialist Clinics
Nephrourology Clinic
In the Nephrourology Clinic, children experiencing urinary tract problems receive assessment by paediatricians specialising in nephrology and urology, alongside consultation with radiologists with expertise in childhood urinary tract abnormalities. This clinic caters to patients with incontinence or congenital structural abnormalities. Specialised tests, including Urodynamics, Uroflow and Magnetic Resonance Urogram, are utilised for comprehensive urinary tracts assessment.
Fetal Kidney Clinic For Expectant Parents
This clinic supports expectant parents whose unborn child may have significant kidney and/or urinary tract abnormalities, as identified by prenatal ultrasound scans. It offers insights into potential diagnoses, investigations, interventions and long-term outcomes post-birth. 
Follow-up scans in later pregnancy stages, as advised by the obstetrician, help evaluate the severity of these abnormalities. Referrals to this clinic can be discussed with the obstetrician.
Click here to view an informative brochure for expectant parents.
Our Support Group and Programme
Children's Kidney Patient Support Group

Children's Kidney Patient Support Group

Understanding the emotional well-being of our patients with long-term kidney disease is essential. The Children’s Kidney Patient Support Group aims to enhance psychosocial adjustment and empower patients and their families to lead fulfilling lives.
Activities organised by child life therapists, art therapists and psychologists help young patients and their families manage emotions and anxiety. Highlights include the Annual Children's Kidney Camp, which started in 2000 and offers unique experiences and fosters strong resilience and friendships among our patients, including dialysis and transplant patients.Throughout the years, our patients have camped at various locations including Outward Bound School at Pulau Ubin, Sarimbun Scouts' camp, Sentosa and have even gone on a cruise.which .
This support group also organises regular workshops for patients and their families.
For more information, contact Ms Cheng Peizhi at (65) 6772 2447 or via email at [email protected].
Paediatric Chronic Kidney Disease Programme
The Paediatric Chronic Kidney Disease Programme offers long-term dialysis and renal transplantation for paediatric patients with renal failure. Since its inception in 1988, over 125 children and adolescents have participated in this programme, integrating schooling and employment into their treatment plans.
The home-based automated peritoneal dialysis programme allows patients to receive dialysis at night in their homes, with 30 to 40 patients currently on this system. Centre-based chronic haemodialysis and home haemodialysis are also available, with in-depth, one-to-one training provided by our nurses.
The programme aims to provide every child with a chance for a renal transplant, for an optimum quality of life and long-term outcomes. The  transplant programme began in 1989 when the first living-related paediatric renal transplant was performed in Singapore. Since then, more than 70 patients have received transplantations here,, where two-thirds of these were from living donors. With individualised immunosuppression regimes ,  and early detection of patients at higher risk of graft rejection and opportunistic infections, the programme’s patient and graft survival rates have been consistently comparable to renowned centres in North America. 
What To Expect At Your First Appointment
The initial consultation involves detailed history-taking and physical examination, lasting about 30 to 45 minutes. Subsequent tests (blood, urine and/or imaging etc.) aid in diagnosing or assessing the status of any existing medical conditions. A follow-up appointment will discuss the results and therapeutic options. Our paediatricians are committed to addressing any concerns from patients and caregivers throughout the consultation process.
Health Resources
Find Us
Khoo Teck Puat - National University Children's Medical Institute
For directions to the Khoo Teck Puat – National University Children’s Medical Institute, including access via MRT, drop-off points and parking information, click here.
For Fetal Kidney referral, please fax the referral form together with the latest ultrasound scan report to (65) 6776 2102 or email us at [email protected].
Note: It is important to bring along all ultrasound scans and reports for the visit. We accept referrals from local private or overseas medical institutions.
For more information on our paediatric clinic or contact details, click here.
To make an appointment online, click here. 
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