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Diabetes and Food

Diabetes and Food

What you eat significantly influences your health. Selecting appropriate food types and quantities can positively affect blood sugar levels and facilitate weight management. Although modifying eating habits may seem challenging, incremental changes can yield substantial health benefits over time. Discuss with your healthcare team how to implement sustainable dietary changes. 

Some Useful Resources

1. My Healthy Plate 

A practical approach to healthy eating is adopting the "My Healthy Plate" principle. This method educates on the various food groups and appropriate portions for a balanced diet. 

2. Understanding carbohydrates 

Carbohydrates, including starches and sugars, are converted into sugar during digestion, impacting blood sugar levels post-meal. 

3. Reading food labels 

Know what's in your food. Learn how to interpret nutrition information panels on food products to make informed, healthier food choices. 

4. Dining out healthily 

Eating out can still align with a healthy lifestyle. Explore these tips for making healthier choices at hawker centres: 

5. Diabetes-friendly recipes 

6. Healthy snacking 

If you enjoy snacking, consider these healthier options: 

​Seeing a Dietitian

For personalised dietary guidance, a consultation with a dietitian is invaluable. Tailored to your specific medical needs, including diabetes and weight management, your dietary plan will consider your food preferences and meal routines. Our experienced dietitians utilise the latest scientific evidence to support you in achieving your health goals. 

If you have Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus, your blood sugar levels are particularly sensitive to your diet.  Our dietitians can equip you with important skills for managing your diabetes, including carbohydrate counting and insulin adjustment strategies. 

To learn more about the NUH Dietetics service, please click here.  

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