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The Division of Paediatric Psychological Services works closely with paediatricians and child psychiatrists to provide holistic care for our young patients. Our focus encompasses the developmental and behavioural needs, as well as the psychosocial and emotional well-being of children and adolescents.

We provide services for preschoolers under 7 years of age in conjunction with developmental paediatricians from the NUH Child Development Unit (CDU) and for children and adolescents from 7 to 19 years at NUH.
A referral from a paediatrician or child psychiatrist is required to arrange an appointment with us. We adhere to strict confidentiality guidelines and respect the privacy of you and your child, maintaining confidentiality within the bounds of professional ethics. Confidentiality may only be breached in cases where safety is a concern.
Our Team

Our team comprises psychologists, child life therapists, art therapists and play therapists based both at NUH and the CDU.

Head of Division & Principal Psychologist
  • Ms Ng Siau Hwei
Deputy Head of Divisions
  • Ms Rachel Wong (NUH)
  • Ms Phyllis Lim (CDU)
Senior Principal Psychologist
  • Ms Ng Siau Hwei
Principal Psychologist
  • Ms Rachel Wong
Senior Psychologists
  • Ms Vanessa Heng
  • Ms Kathy Soh
  • Joan Chua
Principal Art Therapist
  • Ms Loo Hwee Hwee
Art Therapist
  • Ms Victoria Ng
Senior Play Therapist
  • Dr Vinita Sajan Tahilramani
Child Life Therapist
  • Ms Suraya Yaakub
Therapeutic Play Practitioner
  • Ms Chen Yuan
Case Management Officer
  • Ms Kimberley Jee
Principal Psychologists
  • Ms Phyllis Lim
  • Ms Cheryl Ong
Senior Psychologists
  • Ms Fitriani Kwik
  • Mr Ong Goon Tat
  • Ms Elizabeth Sarah Ragen
  • Ms Zhang Guiyue
  • Ms Hafizah Binte Wahianuar
  • Ms Alison Cheng
  • Ms Evania Yeo
  • Mr Jeremy Tang
Psychologist Associate
  • Ms Eileen Tay
Our Services
Psychometric Assessment

NUH Child Development Unit (CDU)
Working within a multidisciplinary team, our psychologists offer diagnostic, treatment and consultation services for children from birth to 7 years old (Kindergarten 2 and below). We cater to a variety of learning, behavioural and developmental needs.
Our assessment services include:
Autism Assessment
Educational Assessment (cognitive testing and school readiness assessment)
Neurodevelopmental Assessment (evaluating a child's neuro-developmental strengths and weaknesses to optimise their ability to learn)
Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) Assessment
School Observations
For children and adolescents aged 7 to 19 years with medical and/or developmental conditions, our psychologists employ a range of standardised assessment tools. These include:
Cognitive Assessment
ADHD Assessment
Autism Assessment
Evaluation of Adaptive Functioning
Please note that we do not accept referrals for assessments for access arrangements recommendations or for exemptions in second language requirements.

Psychological Therapy
NUH Child Development Unit (CDU) 
Our psychologists provide individual intervention and therapy services for children from birth to 7 years old (Kindergarten 2 and below).
These services include:
Behavioural therapy for children with internalising difficulties
Parent training for children with developmental delays
Group-based transition programme for children with high-functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder
Sibling workshops for siblings of children with special needs
Our psychologists provide individual intervention and therapy services for children and adolescents aged 7 to 19 years old in partnership with their families and schools. Skills-based group sessions are available if required.
Common issues addressed in our clinic include:
Behavioural challenges
Emotional difficulties such as depression, stress, anxiety and adjustment issues
Management of somatic symptoms and chronic pain 
Developmental and existential challenges associated with chronic illnesses

Child Life Service
Our child life therapists provide psychosocial support to children and their families, addressing medical fears and anxiety through play and creative activities. We focus on the socio-emotional developmental needs of children, and the impact of illness, injury or hospitalisation on them and their families. Our child life therapists, professionally trained in child and adolescent health development, offer support for various issues, including:

Procedural preparation and support: Assisting children in preparing for and coping with medical procedures to alleviate anxiety and providing guidance to parents for supporting their child using diversion activities.
Coping with new diagnoses: Offering tailored education and support in understanding new diagnoses, appropriate to the child's developmental age and cognitive level.
Medical play: Facilitating therapeutic medical play to help children to better understand the hospital environment and their medical conditions.
Sibling support: Assisting siblings in understanding and coping with the medical situation of their ill sibling, addressing their feelings and concerns.

Art Therapy
Art therapy is a mental health profession that integrates art-making with diverse psychological frameworks and counselling techniques. It aims to enhance the mental and emotional well-being of children and adolescents. Using art as a communication tool, art therapy offers a safe and constructive way for children to express their emotions.  

This method assists children and adolescents in coping with stress, processing traumatic experiences, resolving inner conflicts and fostering self-awareness. It is particularly beneficial for those dealing with mental and psychosocial challenges, such as chronic health conditions, anxiety, depression, trauma, abuse, somatic issues, grief, palliative care needs and other mental health-related difficulties. 

Our registered art therapists focus on establishing therapeutic relationships with children and adolescents while maintaining appropriate clinical boundaries. No prior artistic experience or skill is needed for referral to our art therapists. The focus is not aesthetic or diagnostic evaluation of the child’s art, but rather on facilitating effective, long-lasting change and personal growth in a secure and supportive environment.

Play Therapy
Play therapy is a psychotherapeutic approach where play is the primary medium for children to express themselves.

Adopting a child-centred, non-directive approach, our play therapist creates a safe and non-judgmental space for children to explore and process confusing feelings and upsetting events. This therapy is suitable for children of all ages, particularly those between 3 to 10 years old.

Play therapy can be effective in addressing a range of issues, including:

Behavioural challenges
Social and emotional difficulties 
Bereavement and loss
Family transitions such as divorce
Childhood illness or hospitalisation
Transition and adjustment challenges

During play therapy sessions, children engage in various activities such as drawing, painting, clay modelling, water play, sand tray therapy, role-playing, puppetry, relaxation techniques, movement and music.
The outcomes of play therapy can vary, ranging from general improvements like reduced anxiety and increased self-esteem, to specific changes in behaviour and improved relationships with family and friends.

What To Expect At Your First Appointment
An initial 30-minute intake session with an on-duty psychologist is arranged to discuss areas of concern.
Parents are asked to complete an intake questionnaire.
For assessment referrals, please bring your child's school report book or copies of previous school results and reports of past psychological assessments, if available.
Following the intake session, a psychologist, best suited to support your child’s specific needs, will be assigned.
Child Life Service
A comprehensive one-hour intake session with both you and your child is scheduled to assess:
Your child's ability to cope with illness, treatment and hospitalisation, including existing skills and support systems. 
Your child's understanding and feelings about their illness and upcoming medical procedures.
Your child's coping styles, motivation and interests to develop a child-centric intervention plan. 

Art Therapy
A 90-minute comprehensive intake and assessment session includes:
An individual art therapy session with the child or adolescent, where the art therapist makes a preliminary assessment of your child's preferences, orientation towards art materials and cognitive developmental stages.
An intake session with parents or caregivers to collect essential medical and psychosocial information and understand your perspectives and concerns. This helps integrate your input into the overall treatment plan.

Play Therapy
A comprehensive one-hour intake session with the parent or caregiver to understand the child’s issues and establish general treatment goals.
Your child is not required to attend this initial session. The therapist will provide guidance on preparing your child for play therapy.
Our play therapist will regularly meet with you to discuss the child’s progress and any observations and developments. 
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If you are considering any of the above services for your child, please consult with your paediatrician or child psychiatrist who will assess your child's needs and determine the suitability for the specific service.

NUH Child Development Unit (CDU)

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