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Multidisciplinary Feeding and Nutrition Clinic

Paediatric Feeding and Nutrition Clinic

Our team, comprising paediatricians, dietitians, speech therapists and child psychologists, addresses the multifaceted challenges of feeding difficulties in children, which may stem from medical, developmental, sensory or behavioural issues. Through a multidisciplinary approach, we deliver effective diagnosis and management for these conditions. 

Common Feeding Difficulties

Some common feeding difficulties include: 

  • Poor weight gain 

  • Limited or poor oral intake 

  • Coughing, choking and gagging when eating or drinking 

  • Frequent vomiting with feeding 

  • Oral motor or chewing difficulties 

  • Food/milk refusal 

  • Limited acceptance of variety of foods 

  • Feeding-related fears and anxieties 

  • Disruptive mealtime behaviours 

Our team provides support in: 

  • Promoting positive meal-time habits 

  • Providing adequate nutrition specific to your child’s growing needs 

  • Establishing appropriate oral motor skills for feeding 

  • Increasing the variety of foods accepted 

  • Becoming confident and skilled in feeding your child 

Our Team

Our multidisciplinary team comprises: 


  • Oversee your child’s overall clinical care 

  • Assess for any medical conditions impacting growth and feeding, as well as co-existing conditions affecting appetite (e.g. constipation, poor sleep) 

  • Diagnose and treat nutritional deficiencies 


  • Assess and monitor your child’s growth 

  • Evaluate nutrient intake and potential deficiencies 

  • Recommend nutritionally beneficial food options 

Speech Therapists 

  • Assess your child's swallowing and oral motor skills 

  • Evaluate feeding during mealtimes 

  • Recommend safe food textures and strategies to improve your feeding skills and interest 


  • Assess and manage routines and behaviour; this is not limited to mealtimes as a child's environment and overall function often affects the child's mealtime behaviours 

  • Provide strategies to improve mealtime routines 

  • Provide emotional support to caregivers 

 Programme Lead and Senior Consultant 

Deputy Programme Lead and Senior Speech Therapist 

  • Jocelyn Tan 

Senior Consultants 


Associate Consultant 

Principal Dietitians 

  • Charlotte Lin 

  • Wong Chui Ying 

Principal Psychologist 

  • Ng Siau Hwei 

Senior Psychologist 

  • Alison Cheng 

Senior Speech Therapists 

  • Phua Quan Quan 

  • Ada Tok

Our Services

Feeding Clinic 1Feeding Clinic 2

  • Comprehensive Feeding Evaluation 

  • Medical assessment 

  • Diet and nutrition assessment 

  • Feeding and swallowing assessment, which involves observing how your child eats and they are fed 

  • Feeding Therapy 

  • 1-to-1 or group sessions may be offered to improve your child's mealtime behaviours and skills 

  • Teaching of strategies for caregivers to apply at home 

  • Assignment to a therapist/clinician tailored to your child's needs 

  • Parent/Caregiver Training and Education 

  • Supporting parents and caregivers is an important part of the overall programme. We currently offer the following workshops: 

  • Weaning Workshop 

  • Weaning Workshop for Premature Children 

  • Toddler Feeding Workshop (coming soon) 

  • Assessment and Management of Children On Tube-Feeding 

  • This includes children who; 

  • Are currently being tube-fed 

  • Require tube-weaning advice and management or 

  • Have difficulties with oral feeding and may require assessment for tube-feeding  

  • Teleconsultation Services 

  • This option is available for existing patients, where appropriate. 

What to Expect at Your First Visit

First visit

Food play example 1Food play example 2

In our assessment, you will engage with our paediatrician, dietitian, speech and swallowing therapist, along with a psychologist when suitable. Our team will inquire about your child’s medical history, dietary habits, mealtime routines and any concerns around feeding. This includes observing your child’s eating habits to evaluate feeding skills, nutritional intake and growth. 
The initial appointment will take about two hours. During this time, our team will work alongside you to identify primary concerns related to your child’s nutrition and feeding, establish key therapeutic goals and craft a tailored management plan. 
Follow-up visits will be arranged according to your child’s specific needs and may involve the full team or select members, all focused on supporting both your child and you as the caregiver. 
Health Resources

Click on the images below to download the resources.

Healthy Eating for Children
(PDF, 419 KB)
Picky Eating
(PDF, 359 KB)
Transitioning from Bottle to Cup
(PDF, 191 KB)
(PDF, 910 KB)

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