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Our audiology service is comprehensive, comprising both basic and advanced hearing diagnostic assessments, central auditory processing assessment and management, vestibular assessment, the middle ear implant programme, as well as the cochlear implant programme.   

Audiologists play a crucial role in addressing common hearing conditions, such as congenital or acquired hearing loss in children, presbycusis (age-related hearing loss) in the elderly, and hearing loss resulting from ear infections. They work with ENT (ear, nose and throat) doctors to provide hearing assessment and diagnosis of hearing disorders.  

Adult Rehabilitation
  • Hearing and Speech Tests
  • Hearing Aids, Bone Conduction and Cochlear Implant Rehabilitation

Audiologists assist patients in obtaining suitable hearing aids tailored to their hearing profiles and listening needs.

AudiologistsHearing aids

Tinnitus Counselling and Management (Basic and Advanced)

Tinnitus counselling and management is a subspecialty in audiology. Individuals experiencing tinnitus can benefit from personalised counselling sessions and customised management plan to address their specific needs. 

Tinnitus counselling

Vestibular Assessment
Vestibular Assessment:

This constitutes another subspecialty in audiology. Individuals experiencing dizziness, vertigo and imbalance undergo a series of assessments to evaluate their vestibular and balance function.

​Vestibular Assessment

Computerised Dynamic Posturography Test

This involves a series of tests designed to assess a patient’s ability to maintain balance under different conditions encountered in everyday life. The aim is to identify functional impairments associated with underlying disorders.

Computerised Dynamic Posturography Test

Paediatric Diagnostics

Visual reinforcement audiometry (VRA):

VRA is an approach used by paediatric audiologists to assess hearing levels for children between 6 to 24 months. The child will be conditioned to response to stimuli using visual reinforcer such as a puppet or a video on screen.

Visual reinforcement audiometry (VRA)

Play audiometry:

Play audiometry is another method used by paediatric audiologist to assess children's hearing aged between 2-5 years old. Children will be conditioned to response to stimuli by playing a game or toy.

Play audiometry

Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR), Otoacoustic Emissions (OAE):

Auditory brainstem response (ABR) test and otoacoustic emission test are objective tests that do not require response from the patient. It is usually used to assess children who are unable to participate in the behavioural hearing test to response to stimuli.


Paediatric Habilitation

Paediatric Habilitation

Audiologists provide early intervention using hearing aids, bone conduction devices, cochlear implants and frequency modulation (FM) systems to achieve normal speech and language development in individuals.  

Central Auditory Processing DIsorder (CAPD)
  • A full CAPD assessment comprises a battery of tests to assess auditory processing abilities. This assessment is suitable for children above seven years of age. Upon diagnosis, patients are referred to a speech therapist for a customised management plan and intervention.
  • Electroneuronography (ENoG) assesses the facial nerve function in patients with Bell's palsy to monitor the neural recovery process.
  • Hearing aid technical support (HATS) provides services for hearing aid users to troubleshoot their device and to facilitate servicing as needed.
Useful Resources
  • The NUH Cochlear Implant (CI) program has been established since 2000 and has benefited many children and adult patients who have undergone cochlear implant surgery to improve their hearing.
  • This booklet provides more information on the CI journey. This helps parents to understand how cochlear implant works as well as the intervention process involved pre- and post-surgery. Refer to the booklet here.
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