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NUH supports your journey towards better health. Access valuable resources and information about insulin use here. 

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Why Insulin?

Your doctor recommends starting insulin therapy, or you might already be using insulin. Insulin is essential for managing diabetes when the body's own insulin production is insufficient. This occurs from the outset in Type 1 Diabetes and typically after several years in Type 2 Diabetes. Insulin is also the preferred treatment for diabetes during pregnancy due to its safety and effectiveness. 

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How to inject insulin

For a visual guide on insulin injection using a vial or insulin pen, watch our instructional video: 

Download a step-by-step guide for future reference here: 

How to draw and inject insulin from a vial 
How to draw and inject a mixture of two insulins from vials 
How to use an insulin pen 

(Credit: Health Hub National Diabetes Reference Materials, accessible here) 

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Tips on injecting insulin

Minimise injection pain with these tips: 

  • Use insulin that is at room temperature 
  • Use a new needle for each injection to reduce pain 
  • Discuss the appropriate needle length for your needs with your healthcare team  
  • Inject the needle swiftly 

How to avoid lumps 

Regularly rotating injection sites can prevent lumps under the skin. Before injecting, feel the chosen area for lumps. If you detect any, select a different site.  

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How to store your insulin

  • Store all unopened insulin in the refrigerator, not the freezer. 
  • Mark the date on the vial or pen when you first open it. 
  • Keep opened vials and pens at room temperature.  
  • Do not leave the insulin in the car or under direct sunlight. 
  • Dispose of opened vials or pens 28 days after opening. 
  • For cloudy insulin pens such as NovoMix, discard the pen and use a new one when less then 12 units remain to ensure adequate volume for re-suspension before injection.  

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Other important points to note

To prevent the running out of insulin, contact your healthcare team for a refill prescription at least two weeks before your current supply runs out.

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