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Microsurgery Training Courses


Microsurgery Training Courses 

The microsurgery training programme is designed by the clinical faculty from the Department of Hand and Reconstructive Microsurgery. The programme provides a streamlined learning experience. The curriculum includes instructional videos and hands-on exercises, integrating training with specialised microsurgery simulators, and both ex-vivo and in-vivo models. Each participant is provided with an independent operating microscope, along with the necessary instruments and sutures. Courses are conducted in English by an experienced instructor, providing close monitoring of practical sessions and continuous one-on-one guidance to participants. 

Who should attend the courses? 

These courses are tailored to impart technical skills for surgeons seeking to practise clinical microsurgery. This includes plastic surgeons, hand surgeons, orthopaedic surgeons, vascular surgeons, urological surgeons and general surgeons. In addition, non-clinicians and researchers requiring microsurgical skills for research or educational purposes can also benefit from the courses.  

How to register? 

To secure your spot, check the availability of course dates and register in advance. Please complete the online form or scan the QR Code. We will follow up with you to confirm your course registration.  

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Course Dates & Availability

You can find the course dates in the Online Registration Form above.

For enquiry, please contact:

Tel: (65) 6772 4958 / (65) 6772 5549
E-mail: [email protected]

Modes of payment

PayNowFor Local participants
Bank TransferFor Oversea participants

Details of payment instruction will be provided via email.


Microsurgery Training Laboratory
National University Hospital
Kent Ridge Wing, Zone C, Level 2, C02-1028
5 Lower Kent Ridge Road,
Singapore 119074
Tel: (65) 6772 4958 / (65) 6772 5549
(The lab is located inside the Advanced Surgery Training Centre (ASTC) at C02-03)

Term & Conditions

Class Cancellation Policy: 

  • Two to four weeks’ written notice from start date of training - 50% of course fee for cancellation. 

  • Less than two weeks’ written notice from start date of training - 100% of course fees for postponement or cancellation. 

  • “No-show” or cancellation on first day of class - 100% of the course fee. 

Class Rescheduling Policy:  

  • No rescheduling is permitted by default.  

  • Requests for rescheduling will be considered on a case-by-case basis and are subject to approval by the department. 

NUH Microsurgery Training Laboratory reserves the right to cancel or postpone any course or change the venue in the event of unforeseen circumstances.  

Introductory Course (1 Day)

This one-day course serves as an introductory experience for the early learner in microsurgery. Participants gain familiarity with the microscope and micro-instruments, starting with basic suturing exercises on simulators followed by end-to-end anastomosis on a LifeLike BioTissue® vessels. The course is particularly useful for students, researchers and doctors seeking first-hand exposure to microsurgery early in their career.  

Fee: S$450 

Basic Skills Course (2 Days)

​This two-day course is specially designed for surgical residents specialising in areas such as plastic surgery, hand surgery, orthopaedic surgery, general surgery, maxillofacial surgery and otolaryngology, as well as researchers engaged in microsurgical procedures. This course will introduce participants to microsurgery and equip them with the skills needed in the microsurgical repair of medium sized vessels and nerves. Building upon the content of the introductory course, this program includes an additional component featuring an ex-vivo chicken thigh model. Participants will have the opportunity to dissect, prepare and practise an end-to-end repair of the femoral neurovascular bundle in a chicken thigh.  

Fee: S$750 

Certificate Course (5 Days)

This five-day course is the core training course of our laboratory’s offerings. Uniquely developed by our expert faculty, it is tailored for surgical trainees with a focus on attaining proficiency in the single most crucial skill in microsurgery—performing a successful end-to-end anastomosis on small vessels.  

The course begins with exercises on simulators and progresses to anastomoses on LifeLike BioTissue® vessels. This is followed by a similar procedure performed on chicken thigh vessels and a practise session using live rat model. The course programme includes both theoretical (4 hours) and practical components (30 hours).  

Participants have the opportunity to practice up to 30 end-to-end anastomoses, 12 of which on a live rat model. This repetition ensures participants develop a high level of proficiency in their end-to-end repair technique, a fundamental step for a career in microsurgery. 

Fee: S$1,900 

Advanced Course (4 Days)

The advanced course is geared towards micro-surgeons already proficient in standard end-to-end anastomosis, seeking to expand their skill set with advanced techniques. These include the back-wall-up technique of end-to-end anastomosis, end-to-side anastomosis and the use of a vein graft to bridge a vascular defect.  

The course begins with a half-day refresher course on basic skills, followed by another half-day practice of advanced suturing techniques on dry and biologic models. The subsequent three days are for learning and practising the advanced technique on a live rat model. By the course conclusion, participants will have acquired proficiency in three advanced techniques: 

  • Back-wall-up anastomosis technique  
  • End-to-side anastomosis  
  • Vein grafting  

Fee: S$1,700 


Course details  

Refresher Courses (1 Day)

The refresher course caters to both trainees and experienced surgeons seeking to refresh their basic microsurgical skills. There are two types of refresher course, with both having only practical components. The difference between the two lies in the model used for training. The life-like tissue cum chicken thigh model allows a greater number of anastomoses (12 anastomoses) to be peformed. In contrast, the live rat model refresher course, while more expensive, permits four to six anastomoses and provides a training experience that closely mirrors real-life clinical practice. 

1. Refresher Course 1 (Lifelike Biotissue® vessels and chicken thigh model) (1 Day)  

Fee: S$450  

2. Refresher Course 2 (Rat model) (1 Day)  

Fee: S$550 


Testimonials from previous participants:  

“Practice on real specimens helped understand the challenges faced for microsurgical repair in patients." 
Eugene Lau from NUH (Basic skills course), Feb 2021 

“Comprehensive guidelines and instruction. Reviewing as well as fixing mistakes after every procedure is very helpful to have a complete experience.” 

Nguyen Thi Minh Nguyet from A* STAR (Certificate course), April 2021 

“Great course with great instructor!” 
Jameson Lua from TTSH (Certificate course), Aug 2021 

“Great course to learn and hone micro skills, catering to all levels. Course instructor was able to comment/feedback on the spot.” 
Rin Hong Yu (Certificate course), Dec 2021 

“Excellent hands on workshop with supervision.“ 
Ernest Fu (Certificate course), Nov 2021 

Course Directors & Instructors
Course Directors
Prof Lim Beng Hai2001-2003
A/Prof Aymeric Lim2004-2005
Dr Peng Yeong Pin2006-2009
Dr Tan Ter Chyan2010
A/Prof Alphonsus Chong2011-2012
Dr Sandeep Jacob Sebastin Muttath2013-2015
Dr Amitabha Lahri 2016-2019
A/Prof Alphonsus Chong2020-2023
Dr Janice Liao Chin-Yi2023 till date
Course Instructors
Zhu Qifen2001-2010
Esther Tan Ling Min2011
Siti Khadijah Mohd Yusoff2011 till date
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