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Healthy Keto Meals Programme


Traditional keto diets tend to be high in saturated fats, increasing cholesterol levels and the risk of heart disease. In contrast, NUH Healthy Keto meals, crafted by Chief Dietitian Dr Lim Su Lin, are designed to assist overweight or obese individuals in safely achieving weight loss while maintaining healthy cholesterol levels.   

The fibre-rich Healthy Keto diet not only satiates appetites but supports digestion and promotes gut health. With moderate amounts of healthy fats, the diet is low in carbohydrates—restricted to a daily net intake of 50 g or less—to induce ketosis, utilizing stored fat for energy. The programme caters to individual profiles for healthy weight loss. 

Benefits and Trial Results 

In an ongoing clinical trial spanning six months, participants in the Healthy Keto diet programme have experienced an average weight loss of 7.4 kg. Notably, unlike keto diets associated with increased cholesterol levels, this keto diet programme did not see such increases over the course of a year. 

Furthermore, diabetic and pre-diabetic participants reported reduced blood glucose levels, those with hypertension experienced improvements in blood pressure. 

Participants who adhered closely to their diets not only reduced their dependence on certain medications but also reported improved quality of life. 


Programme Format and Registration

The programme consists of two parts: 

1. Dietitian workshop (conducted online via Zoom) - Date & Timing: Wednesday OR Friday 12–1pm  

Goal setting 
Tailored meal plan* 
Portion control 
Harnessing technology for weight loss**                                                                                                                 
* Participants are strongly encouraged to substitute lunch and dinner meals with HealthFull Meals for optimal results. HealthFull Meals are healthy keto meals designed by our dietitians to help individuals with weight loss. These calorie- and nutrition-controlled frozen pack meals offer convenient consumption. 

2. Four-week mobile app coaching** 

Tips and guidance  
Timely prompts 
Progress monitoring  
** You will be required to download and refer to an app during the Zoom workshop. The app is available for download on mobile devices only. Hence, we recommend attending the workshop on a computer or on a different mobile device.  

Charges: $166 (before eligible subsidies) 


Register for the Zoom workshop with our dietitians here.  

Please contact us for more information.  

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)
NUH Healthy Keto Meals with Dietitian Programme FAQ 

Question: What does the NUH Healthy Keto Meals Programme entail? 

Answer: The NUH Healthy Keto Meals Programme involves an online consultation with an NUH dietitian who guides participants in planning their meals for effective weight loss. The programme provides specific dietary recommendations and meal plans to help participants closely adhere to the Healthy Keto diet for best results.  

Participants can choose to include HealthFull Meals (pre-packed meals designed by NUH dietitians) or explore alternative food options discussed during the consultation. 

NUH dietitians use the nBuddy Keto app to coach participants for four weeks post-consultation, providing onging guidance and support. Participants are instructed on how to use the app during the online consultation. 

Question: Why are HealthFull Meals recommended in the programme? 

Answer: HealthFull Meals are carefully designed to ensure that each meal contains a net carbohydrate amount of 17 g or less, complying with healthy ketogenic diet guidelines requiring a daily net carbohydrate intake below 50 g. The overall nutrition of these meals is curated, incorporating healthy oils, adequate protein content and low-sodium salt to maintain nutritional quality. 
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