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Clinical Anaesthesia


Our department specialises in providing anaesthesia for both paediatric and adult patients undergoing surgical and interventional procedures, administering over 26,000 anaesthetic sessions annually.           

Our subspecialty services include: 

  • Anaesthesia for organ transplant surgery 
  • Anaesthesia and analgesia for gynaecological-obstetric services, including fetoscopic surgeries and EXIT (Ex Utero Intrapartum Treatment) procedures 
  • Anaesthesia for orthopaedic, spine and trauma surgery 
  • Anaesthesia for neurosurgical procedures, including awake craniotomies and neurointerventional radiological procedures 
  • Anaesthesia for otorhinolaryngology, eye, plastics and dental surgeries 
  • Anaesthesia for cancer surgery 
  • Cardiothoracic and vascular anaesthesia
  • Paediatric and neonatal anaesthesia 
  • Pain management 
  • Perioperative medicine 
  • Surgical Intensive Care

Perioperative Medicine 

With increasing life expectancy and surgical procedures annually, addressing the need for comprehensive perioperative care is imperative. The 16a Anaesthesia, Pain Management and Acupuncture Clinic guides outpatients through elective surgery, providing counselling on procedures, anaesthesiaoptions and preferences, and risks. Our on-call specialists assess and prepare emergency procedures, optimising pre-existing conditions to reduce the risk of complications in the perioperative period. 

We aim to inform and empower patients and their families to fully understand their medical condition, requiredtreatments and related risks. We tailor the anaesthesiaand analgesia (pain relief) plans to individual needs and preferences, including the management of maternal labourpain and delivery options. 

We facilitate multi-disciplinary discussions to coordinate cohesive management, collaborate with the attending doctors and nurses for pre-, post-op and discharge care. 

Surgical Intensive Care Unit 

The Surgical Intensive Care Unit (SICU), a 15-bed facility, offers advanced critical care and recovery assistancefor adult patientspost-major surgeries. Managed by dually-accredited anaesthesiaand intensive care physicians, the unit collaborates with pharmacists, respiratory therapists, physiotherapists, speech therapists, dietitians and medical social workers to deliver compassionate bedside care rooted in evidence-based practices. 

SICU services cover neurosurgery, general surgery, otorhinolaryngology (ENT), urology, orthopaedics, obstetrics and gynaecology, traumaand solid organ transplants, including liver and kidney. 

Our commitment to continuous education and research, including training critical care Advanced Practice Nurses (APNs) and hosting Society of Intensive Care Medicine (SICM) fellowship programmes, contributes to improving patient care and clinical outcomes. 

We are also dedicated to providing dignified, patient-centric care for critically-illpatients and strives to offer support to patients' families throughout their challenging journey 

Pain Management Unit 

Unaddressed pain, causing significant discomfort and distress, can impede recovery and rehabilitation. Persistent pain can disrupt cognitive function, daily activities work and personal relationships, ultimately leading to suffering and depression. 

The Pain Management Unit with the Department of Anaesthesiacollaborates with a team of allied health professionals, including physiotherapists and psychologists, to holistically manage patients' pain experiences and alleviate suffering. 

The Acute Pain Service specilises in managing trauma, post-surgery-associated painand acute medical conditions such as mucositis and sickle cell crisis. The service provides 24/7 care during critical recovery periods, using treatment modalities ranging from oral painkillers and intravenous patient-controlled analgesia,to epidurals and peripheral nerve block infusions. 

The Chronic Pain Service similarly uses a spectrum of strategies to address various persistently painful conditions, including non-malignant conditions such as low back pain and trigeminal neuralgia, as well as recalcitrant cancer pain in both adult and paediatricpatients. 

Standard techniques include: 

  • Non-invasive techniques based on psychology 
  • Physiotherapy 
  • Acupuncture 
  • Pharmacological agents (oral and injection medications) 
  • Interventional pain procedures such as nerve blocks and radiofrequency ablation. 

Our Pain Service is located at 16a Anaesthesia, Pain Management and Acupuncture Clinic, on Level 16 at NUH Medical Centre.

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