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Pancreas Transplant

The pancreas is a small organ connected to the small bowel. It has two vital roles: producing insulin and other hormones as well as secreting digestive enzymes.

The National Pancreas Transplant Programme has been approved as a mainstream service in 2021, with National University Hospital (NUH) appointed as the dedicated surgery site for pancreas transplants. National University Centre for Organ Transplantation (NUCOT) is Southeast Asia’s leading and only centre that performs pancreas transplants.

A donor pancreas comes from a deceased donor. In Singapore, pancreas is not an organ included under the Human Organ Transplant Act (HOTA). If you are interested to donate your pancreas after you have passed on, you can opt in to the Medical (Therapy, Education and Research) Act (MTERA).

Click here to find out more about our Adult Pancreas Transplantation Programme.


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