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Nose and Allergy (Children)

What causes it

Allergy to house dust mite allergy is very common, stemming from the mattresses we use daily. Various food and environment allergies can be identified through skin tests, dietary elimination and blood tests.

About the condition

Common nasal complaints in children include nose congestion, discharge, itching, sneezing and nosebleeds. Children are more susceptible to food allergies compared to adults, with common allergens including milk, wheat, eggs, peanuts and soy.

Diagnosis and Treatment Condition

Our specialist allergy nurse provide comprehensively counselling on allergen identification and avoidance, alongside a complete spectrum of diagnostic tests. Where necessary, flexible and rigid endoscopy may be performed to role out tumours or infections.

Besides medication, immunotherapy is also available for de-sensitisation, including both injectable and sublingual oral forms. For cases of severe, medication-resistant sinusitis or complex situations, minimally invasive endoscopic surgery may be performed, using advanced computerised imaging systems to improve safety.

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