Learning and Development Opportunities 

As a leading healthcare institution, we are committed to developing and inspiring our staff to reach their full potential. Learning at NUH transcends job titles and career stages. We embrace a growth mindset and encourage staff to acquire new skills and expand their knowledge. Our comprehensive suite of development programmes is dedicated to nurturing a learning culture and providing opportunities for professional growth.
Onboarding Programmes

The journey for new staff at NUH typically begins with our Corporate Orientation programme. This offers an opportunity to learn about our heritage, clinical care practices staff welfare, while interacting with new colleagues. Unlike many organisations where onboarding concludes with a general induction, NUH offers tailored onboarding tracks specific to job families. These programmes are designed to meet the diverse needs of our staff, providing a deeper understanding of the healthcare industry from their unique job roles and patient perspectives.

Learning and Development Opportunities - Onboarding Programme  Learning and Development Opportunities - Onboarding Programme
Personal Effectiveness and Professional Development Programmes
After completing their onboarding, staff can further develop their personal and job-related skills through our targeted Personal Effectiveness skills series. These programmes are designed for specific domains and competency areas. Staff are also encouraged to extend their expertise beyond NUH, participating in local and international forums, engaging with invited speakers and collaborating with subject-matter experts.
Leadership Development Programmes

As our staff advance in their careers and assume greater responsibilities, we offer leadership and mentorship programmes. These are led by Senior Management and aim to equip our leaders with the essential knowledge and skills for effective management. These programmes not only impart valuable knowledge and experience but also provide networking opportunities with other leaders within the organisation.

Learning and Development Opportunities - Leadership Development Programme  Learning and Development Opportunities - Leadership Development Programmes
Formal Programmes and Skill Attachments
​We actively encourage our staff to pursue academic qualifications and skills attachments with renowned healthcare institutions, deepening their clinical expertise. Every year, NUH offers sponsorship opportunities for staff aspiring to pursue higher academic qualifications and specialised clinical skills.

Join us on this exciting journey of learning and development! Prepare to be inspired, to learn and to embrace the myriad of possibilities within NUH. We are confident that our developmental interventions will ignite your passion, broaden your horizons and empower you to make a meaningful impact in healthcare.​
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