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The Ancillary Team collaborates closely with a diverse group of healthcare professionals, including Clinicians, Nurses, Allied Health Professionals and Administrators, to ensure the seamless functioning of clinical operations and enhance patient satisfaction.

Ancillary professions encompass a broad range of essential services, integral to comprehensive patient and visitor support. These services include addressing inquiries, managing administrative tasks, handling cashiering, billing and payment procedures. Additionally, the team plays a crucial role in maintaining a clean, safe and secure environment through dedicated housekeeping and security services.

The Team's wide-ranging responsibilities are crucial to the smooth operation of clinical services, ensuring a positive patient experience and the overall well-being of everyone in the healthcare setting.

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Dental Surgery Assistant
​Dental Surgery Assistants provide critical support to dentists during complex dental procedures, such as tooth extractions, implant placements and oral surgeries. Their role includes administrative and clinical support tasks, such as maintaining patient records, scheduling appointments, preparing patients for procedures, sterilising and managing of dental instruments, and assisting during dental treatments.
​Engineers are responsible for a wide range of tasks relating to the operation, maintenance, modification and replacement of various hospital facilities. Their oversight of these activities, including conducting audits and maintaining compliance with standards, contributes to a safe, efficient and well-maintained environment, supporting the delivery of quality healthcare services.
Health Attendant
​Health Attendants play a vital role in maintaining the cleanliness, hygiene and overall comfort of the hospital. Their wide-ranging responsibilities contribute significantly to a positive and welcoming environment for patients and their visitors. Their dedication is instrumental in enhancing the overall patient experience by creating a clean, safe and comfortable environment for all.
Patient Service Associate (PSA)
​​The role of a Patient Service Associate encompasses more than customer service. It involves creating a welcoming environment, delivering exceptional patient care, fostering effective communication with the patients and family members, and actively enhancing the overall patient experience. The dedication of PSAs to excellence and compassion is crucial in ensuring incredible patient care and experience, while promoting a positive healthcare environment.
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