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Adj A/Prof Dave Lee

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  • Head & Senior Consultant, Division of Sports, Shoulder & Elbow Surgery, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, National University Hospital


MBBS, MMed(Ortho), FRCS(Tr&Ortho), FAMS


Orthopaedic Surgery, Sports Medicine

Clinical Disciplines/Programmes:

Shoulder & Elbow Surgery

Special Interests:

Knee surgery, sports-related shoulder, elbow and knee injuries

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Adjunct Associate Professor Dave Lee is a graduate of National University of Singapore Medical School. He completed his orthopaedic specialist training in 2009. Under the Singapore Ministry of Health Scholarship, he underwent a sports surgery fellowship in Louisville, USA; where he was involved in the surgical care and rehabilitation of professional and elite NCAA College athletes. This was followed by a lower limb surgery fellowship in Heidelberg, Germany; focusing on lower limb reconstructions and joint preservation surgery.

Adj A/Prof Lee specialises in arthroscopic repair of knee and shoulder with a special interest in knee preservation. Over the last 12 years, he has performed more than 3000 arthroscopic surgeries of the knee, shoulder, ankle and hip. This includes over 1500 knee ligament reconstructions and over 400 knee preservation procedures as osteotomies, meniscus transplants, cartilage repair and reconstructions.

Adj A/Prof Lee uses cutting edge surgical techniques to return athletes to previous level of sports. He understands that a team approach involving the surgeon, sports physicians, physiotherapists, athletic trainers and psychologists is critical for optimal recovery after a sports injury.

He is frequently invited to lecture at regional and international sports meeting on knee repair. He has been involved as organising chair or teaching faculty in over 30 local and overseas cadaveric workshops.


  • Adj A/Prof Lee has been awarded the Japan Orthopaedic Association Fellowship 2005, Singapore Orthopaedic Association N Balachandran Prize 2008, APKASS- ESSKA Fellowship 2010, CGH Gold Caring Award 2014 and Singhealth Silver Award 2018.

Journals & Publications

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Professional Memberships

  • Adj A/Prof Lee represents Singapore on the boards of International Society Arthoscopy Knee Surgery and Orthopaedic Sports Medicine (ISAKOS), Asia Pacific Knee Arthroscopy Sports Society (APKASS), Asean Society Sports Arthroscopy (ASSA) and Asia Pacific Orthopaedic Association (APOA) Sports Section.

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