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University Orthopaedics, Hand

and Reconstructive Microsurgery Cluster

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome





What Is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

There is a tunnel in the wrist called the carpal (wrist) tunnel. Nine tendons and the median nerve, pass through it. When pressure builds up in the tunnel, the nerve gets squeezed and is unable to function properly. This may result in numbness, discomfort and pain in the fingers.


What Causes It?


Many factors contribute to the development of carpal tunnel syndrome. Overuse of the wrist in activities can contribute to development of the condition. This includes activities that involve:


  • Repetitive wrist movements
  • Prolonged awkward wrist positions
  • Prolonged firm grip or pressure on the palm
  • High speed or forceful finger movements (e.g. typing) 

Signs And Symptoms

There is usually pain, numbness or a tingling sensation, or a combination of these three sensations in your hand and fingers.

The symptoms can occur while doing effortless and simple tasks such as holding the telephone or reading the newspapers. You may experience a weaker grip and in severe cases, the numbness may be permanent.





Diagnosis And Treatment

An accurate history and examination is usually sufficient to make a diagnosis. You may need to go for an X-ray if, an underlying bone problem is suspected. Your doctor may order a nerve test, called EMG, to confirm an abnormality of the nerve.

If the symptoms are mild, you may be given oral medication, asked to wear a splint or given an injection of steroids into the carpal tunnel.

If the symptoms are more severe and persistent, you may be required to undergo minor surgery at day surgery clinics. Our department offers all modalities of carpal tunnel surgery including the open and semi-open techniques and the minimally invasive endoscopic carpal tunnel release. Post operation Hand rehabilitation is also available.


Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Release Procedure


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