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University Orthopaedics, Hand

and Reconstructive Microsurgery Cluster




Being a University-affiliated Orthopaedic Surgery Department, our surgeons are at the cutting edge of research and surgical techniques. All of our orthopaedic surgical consultants are well-published in the international medical journals and each of them devote a portion of their time to both clinical and basic science research. Our current emphasis is on translational research where we aim to bring our findings from the laboratory bench to the patient's bedside in the form of novel and useful therapies. This is achieved through collaborations with many agencies and departments both locally and internationally.


Some highlights of these collaborations include:


  1. Three separate musculoskeletal oncology projects - 1. The limb salvage surgery patient at home - a systematic cross-sectional survey of patients with musculoskeletal malignancies in remission (NMRC Grant). 2. Preventing local recurrence in the musculoskeletal oncology patient using cryosurgery (HSDP Grant). 3. Physiologic parameters in the milieu of solid tumors have the potential to indicate their sensitivity to chemotherapeutic agents (ARF Grant)- PI Assistant Professor Suresh Nathan.
  2. World's first human trial repairing large cartilage lesions in the human knee using microfracture and injectable mesenchymal stem cell therapy (NHG-SIG Grant)- PIs Dr Kevin Lee/ Prof James Hui. Dr Lee has recently been awarded the 2009 NHG-SIG 2 Grant to further investigate this technique in the next project "A Multi-center Randomised Controlled Trial Evaluating a Novel Minimally-invasive Technique of Cartilage Repair in the Human Knee Using Autologous Mesenchymal Stem Cells and Hyaluronic Acid".
  3. Biomimetic 3D nanofibrous scaffold/MSCs composites for bonegraft applications - project with NUS Bioengineering Department and Stanford University (NMRC Grant)- Co-PIs Associate Professor Casey Chan, Dr Kevin Lee.
  4. Cross-Faculty Research Group specializing in the development of new and improved bioactive implant materials, and their interactions with bone and stem cells- PI A/Prof Wilson Wang.