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Emotional Disturbance of Childhood/ Adolescence


Children and adolescents may experience emotional disturbances in response to everyday stressors. These may cause the individual to develop emotional or behavioural symptoms.

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It is important to have your child or adolescent evaluated if you think there is a problem. A doctor or mental health specialist can review the signs and symptoms, medical history, and family history to arrive at a diagnosis.


Signs and symptoms include:


  • Difficulties functioning in more than one setting (e.g. home, school, or with peers)
  • Changes in appetite or sleep
  • Social withdrawal
  • Fear of things previously not afraid of
  • Returning to behaviors more common in younger children, such as bedwetting
  • Signs of low mood (e.g. sadness or tearfulness)
  • Signs of self-destructive behavior (e.g. cutting, head-banging or suddenly getting hurt often)
  • Thoughts of death



Treatment is aimed at recognizing and treating the symptoms early before it develops into a serious mental health problem. Your child or adolescent may benefit from talk therapy, behavioural therapy, medication, or a combination of these. 

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