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Delusional Disorder


Delusional Disorder is a mental health condition with a fixed belief system that is untrue. This usually results in impairment in social or occupational function. 

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There are several types of delusions:


  • Erotomania- a belief that someone of important status is secretly in love with him or her
  • Grandiose: a belief that one possessed special roles or have special relationship with important figures and/ or possess some special ability(ies)
  • Jealous: a fixed belief of the infidelity of one’s spouse or partner
  • Percecutory: a fixed belief that one is under persecution or monitoring
  • Somatic: a fixed belief about health problems,  bodily infestation, deformity,  odour despite medical reassurance



The treatment of the condition includes use of medications and understanding of the patient’s circumstances. 


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