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Division of Advanced Internal Medicine

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Division of Advanced Internal Medicine

Our specialists in the Division of Advanced Internal Medicine are internists who provide comprehensive assessment, diagnosis, and treatment for a wide range of diseases in adult patients at a specialised level. They have received training in management of serious and complex diseases, covering emergency medicine, critical care as well as dealing with disorders of internal organs such as the gut, heart, lungs, kidneys and the endocrine system.


Modern medicine has seen a rapid progress that has led to the development of highly specialised fields such as oncology or endocrinology. At the same time, many patients suffer from multiple diseases and complex conditions which extend beyond the limited scope of these individual medical specialties. Such patients will find themselves under the care of an internist.


We are able to offer a holistic and yet specialised approach to many illnesses. Being in close contact with other specialists, we are able to help reduce a patient's referrals to other specialties by directly discussing more complex cases with our colleagues.


Similarly to other specialists, our internists are required to upgrade their knowledge regularly to offer up-to-date evidence-based treatments to our patients.


Our team of internists are recognised by Specialists Accreditation Board, Ministry of Health. They are involved in clinical practice and scientific work as well. Through our affiliation with the National University of Singapore, we also participate in the training of future doctors and specialists. Fully-accredited, we provide advanced specialist training in Advanced Internal Medicine.


The subspecialty interests of the internists include acute medicine, pharmacology and therapeutics, geriatrics, dermatology, diabetes, hypertension, palliative care, rheumatology, infectious diseases, viral hepatitis and HIV/AIDS.